The Shelby High School Cross Country Team traveled to Missoula and participated in the Mountain West Classic.

The Shelby Sr/Jr Highs Cross Country Teams had a busy week. On Monday the teams played host for the Shelby Invitational Meet.  There was a total of 54 runners in the high school girls race, 60 runners in the high school boys race, 32 runners in the junior high girl's race and 49 runners in the junior high boy's race. Results for the High School Girls and Boys Races are:
Carly Parsell 3rd place   22:44       
Kaylee Appley 12th place 24:40
Hannah Nelson 46th place 33:04
Lucas Fretheim  24th place 21:32                                                               
Chase Evans 43rd place 24:29
Michael Sanchez 45th place 24:30                                                                                              
John Pastrana 47th place 25:20                                                                                   
Brenden Hagood 57th place 31:44                             
Ben Aklestad 59th place 32:26     
Results for the Junior High Girls and Boys Races are:
Brianne Higgins 20th place 13:07
Sage Hobbs 27th place 14:07
Anna Aklestad 28th place 14:09
Joey Riehl 48th place 16:00
Clayton Jorata-did not run
The teams would like to thank everyone who came out to support them. Kudos go to the pep band, which is why our meet is unique. Special thank you to everybody who volunteered to help, I appreciate all of you.
This past Saturday the teams participated in the Havre Invitational Meet. There were a total of 193 runners in the 4 races. Results for the High School Races are:
Hannah Nelson 19th place 33:43 (JV)
Carly Parsell 10th place 23:18 (Varsity)
Kaylee Appley-did not run
John Pastrana 44th place 27:24 (JV)
Ben Aklestad 49th place 34:34 (JV)
Brenden Hagood- did not finish the race
Luke Fretheim 44th place 22:18 (Varsity)
Chase Evans 55th place 26:03 (Varsity)
Michael Sanchez 56th place (Varsity)
At this time I do not have the results for the Junior High Races, but Anna Aklestad, Brianne Higgins, Sage Hobbs, Clayton Jorata and Joey Riehl did run.
This Saturday (September 29, 2018) the High School Team will travel to Missoula and run in the Mountain West Classic. The 5K course is at the U of M Golf Course. Race times are: 9:30 a.m. JV Girls; 10:15 a.m. JV Boys; 11:00 a.m. Varsity Boys; 11:45 p.m. Varsity Girls. This is a huge meet and fun to watch, so take a drive and cheer on the Coyotes to the finish line.
The Shelby Sr./Jr. High School Cross Country Teams traveled to Cut Bank and participated in the Mike Reynolds Time Trials. The weather was on the breezy side. No team scores, as this was just the time trials.

Shelby Junior High and High School cross country runners participated in the Cut Bank Timed Trials on Friday of last week, all runners did very well and had great beginning times. 

The Shelby High School Football team will be proudly wearing blue on September 12 when they walk with students for the kickoff of Walk n’ Wheel Wednesday!

Even though school has not yet begun, our athletes have been practicing for a couple of weeks now and our football team already has a game under their belts, picking up a win against Chinook.

With the loss of 21st Century grant funding, Shelby’s after-school program was likely going to end.  Fortunately, numerous individuals and organizations joined the effort to support the program.