The JMG (Jobs for Montana’s Graduates) class at Shelby High School recently attended the JMG IGNITE conference in Billings April 24-25, 2019.

As the school year begins to wind down, our athlete teams seem to get more busy with competitions, and our music department with final concerts. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful break with some much-needed rest and relaxation.  It will be a busy week here at SHS, here is what's happening:
Tuesday 4/23: SHS Golf @ Shelby, 4:00pm
Tuesday 4/23: JMG Conference @ Billings, all day
Tuesday 4/23: SHS Softball @ Cut Bank, 3:00pm & 4:30pm
Wednesday 4/24: JMG Conference @ Billings, all day
Wednesday 4/24: PSAT-10, SHS, 8:15am-12:00pm
Thursday 4/25: Varsity Golf @ Shelby (Sunburst host), 9:00am
Thursday 4/25: JMG Conference @ Billings, all day
Friday 4/26: SHS Softball @ Glasgow, 10:00am & 2:00pm
Friday 4/26: SHS Golf @ Shelby, 9:00am
Friday 4/26: Art Portfolio Field Trip @ U of M, all day
Friday 4/26: Arbor Day clean-up for Jr. High students
Saturday 4/27: SHS Softball @ Glasgow, 9:00am & 3:00pm
Saturday 4/27: Varsity Golf @ Fairfield, time TBA
Saturday 4/27: SHS Track @ Whitefish (ARM), 9:00am
Saturday 4/27: Jr. High Track @ Choteau, 9:00am
Monday 4/29: SHS Golf @ Missoula, 9:00am
Monday 4/29: FFA Envirothon @ Lewistown, all day
Monday 4/29: SHS Softball @ Browning, 4:30pm
Have a good week!
Congratulations to all of the Shelby Music Department and a thank you to all those who volunteered to help make the district music festival a success.