Congratulations to the SHS football team for their win against Chinook on Friday, job well done! 
Our volleyball team traveled to Boulder for tournament play on Saturday with a couple of wins there.  Our C-squad/JV volleyball team also traveled for some play time in Rudyard.  Due to the amount of snow Havre received, the cross country meet was canceled on Saturday.  Jr. High girls basketball played their final games on Saturday, traveling to Rocky Boy and Browning.  Here's what's happening this week at SHS:
Monday 10/7: Jr. High Cross Country @ Havre, 3:30-boys, 3:50-girls
Monday 10/7: SHS Cross Country @ Havre, 4:20-boys, 4:50-girls 
Monday 10/7: JV Football @ Chinook, 4:30pm
Tuesday 10/8: ASVAB testing, 8:30-11:00am, SHS
Tuesday 10/8: School Board Meeting, 7:00pm, Administration Bldg.
Wednesday 10/9: FFA @ Greenhand Seminar, Choteau, all day
Wednesday 10/9: "Let's Talk App" assembly, 9:30am, SHS Auditorium
Thursday 10/10: TekNoExpo Field trip @ Havre, all day
Thursday 10/10: SHS Volleyball @ Great Falls Central, 4:15pm +20min
Friday 10/11: Jr. High Cross Country @ Harlem, 10-girls, 10:30-boys
Friday 10/11: SHS Cross Country @ Harlem, 11-girls, 11:40-boys
Friday 10/11: Jr. High Football @ Fort Benton, 4:30pm
Friday 10/11: SHS Football @ Fort Benton, 7:00pm
Saturday 10/12: SHS Volleyball vs. Fairfield, 1:00pm +20min
Monday 10/14: 1st day of Jr. High Boys Basketball, 3:45pm, elem gym
Monday 10/14: JV Football vs. Fort Benton, 4:30pm
Have a great Coyote week!