JH/HS PAWS Awards for January 2021

January PAWS Winners- Most Improved
High School
Ag Science-  Donivan Bohman-  “Donivan has gone from a shy kid to a kid that takes charge when work needs to be done. He doesn't hesitate when asked to complete a task and seems to enjoy getting his hands dirty. An attitude and work ethic like that is a teacher's dream come true. I foresee Donivan being the student that people rely upon for their heavy lifting.” Mr. T. White
Art-  Ivory Seifert-  “Ivory Seifert has worked hard to try and have fun with new art forms.”  Ms. LaRoque
Business Education-  Rhett Reynolds-  “Rhett has continually worked to improve all year.  I appreciate his questions and his interest in Personal Finance.  He always contributes to our class discussions in a positive way.  Rhett has the ability to make those around him want to perform better as well.  I appreciate Rhett being such a positive role model to all students both here at the junior high/high school and the elementary school.”  Ms. Fisher
English-   Emersyn Hoover-  “Emersyn is an excellent example of Coyote Pride.  She goes above and beyond without being prompted as she has developed a very strong work ethic and takes initiative to help others as needed.  Shelby is fortunate to have students like Emersyn as she makes our school a better place. Keep up the great work!”  Mr. Tokerud   
Math-  Bryant Mertz-  “Bryant Mertz earns the Most Improved Student for Math in January.  Although he has been a consistent and conscientious student all year, he really excelled at the end of the semester and earned an outstanding grade on his semester test.  Congratulations on a job well done!”  Ms. Clark
Music-  Megan Benjamin-  “The most improved student from the music department this month is Megan Benjamin. She improved her confidence playing within our small ensemble this year. When we played pep-band with only four people, she really made sure to project her part and wasn't afraid to play her part loud and proud.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education-  Hayden Schilling-  “Hayden continues to show growth at all levels. His work ethic has improved, his positive attitude has improved and his leadership abilities have improved. Hayden chooses to get better each and every day and I look forward to seeing the end results!”  Mr. M. White
Science-  Kamdyn Fillinger-  “Kamdyn improved her grade in two science classes a great deal since the winter break to finish the first semester strong. She began the second semester on a great note. Keep up the good work!”  Dr. Ekness
Social Studies-  Larissa Carver-Hintz-  “Larissa has really blossomed into a conscience, responsible and active learner.  It has been a joy watching her grow in confidence so much these past few months.”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science-  Noah Preuss-  “Noah has taken on a prominent leadership role in shop class. He is a great listener and an even better worker. He has transformed from being a humble and quiet student to a student that likes to get right to work. His work ethic does all of the talking. He has taken the time to hone his skills in welding this year which has been very influential among his classmates.”  Mr. T. White
Art-  Nevaeh Riphenburg-   “Nevaeh Riphenburg because she works hard during the class period to create finished works of art.”  Ms. LaRoque
English-  Reese Lee-  “Reese Lee has really worked hard to bring up her academic skills this year. Her dedication and effort have resulted in amazing improvement in her skills and grades. She is a student to be proud of!”  Ms. Hough
Math-  Emma Peterich-  “My choice is Emma Peterich. She improved a lot in many aspects.  She's been up to date on every activity and never misses anything so far.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music-  Jocelyn Pedersen-  “Jocelyn Pedersen has been the most improved in the music room this year. She has worked hard to gain an understanding of new things while keeping her goofy disposition. Jocelyn is a joy to have in class and I hope she never gives up on herself when things get tough.”  Ms. Cruze
Physical Education-  Evan Clarke-  “Evan Clarke has shown a better effort in the weight room and using his natural speed in the running. He is not talking as much so it seems he is paying better attention. Keep up the good work, Evan.”   Mr. Reynolds
Science-  Andrew Harris-  “Andrew has found his stride in JH science and is quickly becoming a superstar.  He has an inquisitive mind, he asks analytical questions, he has a good work ethic and an excellent positive attitude.  And finally, super cool green hair!”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies-  Clara Blonde-  “Since Clara has returned from distance learning she has made phenomenal progress. I am extremely proud of how she has focused and turned in all assignments with excellent quality.” Ms. Kincaid