Elem PAWS Awards for January 2021

January PAWS Award Winners for "Respectful"
K - Goodan
Harley Montgomery has worked very hard this month to show respect to adults, peers, and school property. He uses kind words and kind actions to others. He treats classroom materials with respect. He even does his seat work respectfully! Way to go Harley!
K - Tomsheck
Nolan Ahrens is respectful to everyone he encounters. He listens quietly to his peers and teachers. He follows directions the first time they are given.  If he makes a mistake he accepts responsibility and fixes it the best he can. He treats everyone with kindness and is always there to support a friend. Thank you for being you! 
1 - Canada
Lily Russell is very respectful all the time. She always says yes ma’am when she is asked to do something and remembers to say please and thank you. She is also very well behaved, diligent, and a hard worker. She does a great job of treating others the way she would like to be treated. She is wonderful at helping others and being the best student she can be! I am lucky to be her teacher.
1 - Mosley
Grady White is very respectful all the time, and to everyone he comes in contact with. He uses his manners when he is talking to adults and with his peers. He consistently remembers to say please and thank you and uses many other kind words. He is definitely a role model in my class and someone his peers look up to. I am very proud to call him my student. Keep up the excellent display of respect. Great job!
2 - J. Hayes
Coraline Noriega shows respect not only to teachers but to her peers as well. She is constantly using her manners with anyone she interacts with. She shows respect to everyone around her even if others are not. Way to go Coraline! 
2 - K. Hayes
Nova Stewart is a student that shows great respect.  Nova shows respect through her listening skills, kindness, understanding, and compassion for others.   Nova is an awesome role model for showing respect. 
3 - Barnhill
Lucas Howell is a very respectful student. He always raises his hand and waits his turn to speak. He is a friend to all and makes sure everyone feels included in activities.  He also is very respectful of his teachers and the staff at Shelby Elementary.  He is such a great role model for other students. He always uses such great manners. He gets right to work on all his assignments and will lend a helping hand to those in need.  Lucas is a joy to have in the classroom.  Keep up the amazing job Lucas!!  I am very proud of you!!!
3 - White
Madelynn Rozell is a very respectful student.  When someone else is speaking she gives them the courtesy of listening to and thinking about what they’ve said before responding, she waits her turn, she is very thoughtful of others’ feelings, she acknowledges adults by saying yes ma’am, thank you, ma’am.  She addresses mistakes with kindness and she makes decisions based on what is right -not on the crowd.  I admire Madelynn very much for how she shows respect towards others and to herself.  She is a very impressive student and a great role model for the character trait: RESPECT!  
4 - Wiederrick
Tel Gray is a very respectful student.  He is thoughtful and respectful to both his fellow classmates and adults.  He makes sure that everyone feels included and is a good role model for other students.  I’m proud of you, Tel!
4 - Koschmeder
Payton Moench is amazing at showing respect. She is kind to her classmates and teachers and treats them how she would like to be treated. Payton is great at using her manners, listening to others, and showing respect to someone even when she does not agree with them. Payton is a wonderful example in my classroom of what a respectful student looks like. Great job, Payton!
5 - B Hayes
Tanner Parsons is very respectful. He does an awesome job using his manners with his peers and teachers. He does a great job of giving his full attention to his teachers during lessons and his classmates when they are presenting or talking during class. Tanner is a great student and does an amazing job showing respect to everyone he comes in contact with. 
5 - Buck
Cael Blevins is extremely respectful. He treats his fellow students with respect as well as adults in the building. When someone speaks to Cael, he listens and responds appropriately. Cael is a positive example of a respectful student in our building. Thank you Cael, and keep up the great work!
6 -Lange
Aeris Stewart is polite, kind, and a joy to teach. She always says, “Have a nice lunch, good evening,” etc. She is very grateful for school. Finally, she pays attention to teachers, instructions, and other students. She is an EXCELLENT student!
6 - Z. Hayes
Hunter Woolf is very respectful. He does a great job using his manners with his teachers and his peers. He is always willing to hold the door for anyone he sees. Hunter is a phenomenal student and has mastered the character trait of RESPECT. Great job Hunter!!!
W. Reynolds
Alexis Calvery is extremely respectful to her teachers, classmates, and her books! She is a joy to have in class because of her positive attitude and sunny disposition. Thanks for being you, Alexis!
T. Reynolds
Sullivan Heaton shows up to P.E. with a great attitude and he is always respectful to me and his classmates. He respects the rules of the gym and the games which makes him so enjoyable.
Brett Wangseng is very respectful and is great at using his manners. He is always the first one to say good morning and always makes sure he says goodbye! He also does a good job saying please and thank you! Way to be respectful Brett!! 
Draco Reynolds shows respect to his teachers by following instructions. He also uses gentle and respectful words to others and is kind and helpful to them even in small things. Way to go, Draco!