Elem PAWS Awards for December 2020

December PAWS Awards of the Month for “Kindness"
K - Goodan - Wiley Frydenlund shows kindness to everyone each time he interacts with them. He is generous with his time and friendship. He is always willing to lend a hand to fellow students and teachers. He offers to work with children who are struggling with something. When he sees someone who needs a friend to play with, he is quick to include them. Wiley’s kind heart is a blessing in our classroom!
K - Tomsheck - Allie O’Connell shows kindness all the time. She makes sure that everyone is included. She is the first one to offer to help when help is needed. She is a great listener and cheers up friends who are sad or upset. She tries to keep things fair for everyone. Thank you Allie for your kind heart. You are a joy to have in class. -Ms. Tomsheck
1 - Canada - Moira Hemmer always shows a kind heart in class. No matter who she is partnered with or who asks to play with her she is very kind and accepting. She includes everyone and treats other children in a respectful way. She always has a smile on her face. She also loves sharing her experiences with her classmates and teachers. I’m very proud of you, Moira!
1 - Mosley - Letha Garcia is one of the kindest kids I have ever had in class. She is always the first one to help her classmates when they are struggling or just need a kind friend. She includes everyone in what she is doing and playing and treats them all with respect. Letha strives to make everyone feel loved and appreciated. She goes above and beyond to be the kind person that she is. I am very lucky to have her in my classroom. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of you.
2 - J. Hayes - Linden Aikins is such a kind girl. She is such a thoughtful girl, always helping those around her, encouraging them, and making sure they are okay. She has such a big heart!! Our class is lucky to have her! 
2 - K. Hayes - Jeremiah Bushnell is a very kind student.  He is always showing kindness to his classmates through his actions and words.  He always includes everyone in all activities he is involved in. If someone needs help Jeremiah is the first one to lend a helping hand.  Jeremiah, you are a joy to have in my class. ~ Mrs. Hayes 
3 - Barnhill - Piper Lamb is one of the kindest students I have ever met. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to all her teachers and classmates.  She always uses her manners and reminds other students to do the same.  She is definitely a role model when it comes to showing kindness.  She goes out of her way to help others that are feeling down or don’t have someone to play with. Piper always has a smile on her face and a giggle to give away.  I am so lucky to have such a sweet, caring student in my class!!  Great job Piper!!!!
3 - White - Londyn Cuthbert is one of the kindest students I have ever met.  She is very considerate of her peers, other students, and staff members.  She tries to help anyone in need and shows true compassion through her actions in addition she even writes about her hopes and dreams of compassion for the world.  She is definitely one of a kind!  I’m so lucky to have such a warm, friendly, and giving student in my classroom.  Way to go Londyn!   
4 - Wiederrick - Jacob Hansen is always kind to both his classmates and his teachers.  He goes out of his way to cheer people up and make sure that they are having a good day.  Way to go, Jacob!
4 - Koschmeder - August Aikins demonstrates kindness each and every day. He always uses his manners and is constantly on the lookout for how he can help his classmates have a better day. Thank you, August!
5 - Buck - Corin Scarborough is always so kind to those around him. Whenever someone is feeling down or having a bad day, I can count on Corin to intervene and lift their spirits. Corin has great manners and thinks of others at all times. Keep up the good work Corin!
5 - B. Hayes - Aliza Bushnell is always kind to others. She does a great job of including others in activities. Aliza does an awesome job of helping out her fellow classmates when they ask. She has great manners and is always polite with whom she interacts. Keep it up, Aliza!!
6 - Lange - Preslee Flesch is a very kind, considerate individual. She helps other students out and is always positive and polite when coming or going to various places (ie. “Thank you, yes please, no thank you”) Her manners and traits will serve her well going forward in life!
6 - Z. Hayes - Hadley Clary is a very kind person. She does a great job of including others in activities and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is constantly using her manners when she interacts with anyone she comes across. Kindness goes a long way! Keep it up Stud!!
Gruber & Cruze - Aubree Clark is one of the kindest students that have entered the music room. She has always been one to do her best to include others as well as go out of her way to help a friend. I am very proud of Aubree and hope she keeps up the great work! Way to go!
W. Reynolds - Brinlee Flesch is very kind and thoughtful in her interactions with her peers. She is always willing to help and of course, she is also kind to her books! Proud of you, Brinlee!
T. Reynolds - Payton Moench shows kindness and caring with all her peers.
Erickson - Taylor Bykonen is a very kind kid, and is always willing to help others, and is always kind to his classmates. He enjoys helping those he is around and is the first one to jump up when I need help in my room. Thanks for being so kind and awesome, Taylor!!
Manda - Aly Rohlf is kind and caring with her words and actions towards her classmates and teachers. She willingly shares her things and snacks with her classmates and she also helps them with their work when she finishes ahead of them. Thank you for being kind, Aly!
Principal - Mrs. Canada always has a smile on her face!  When she is in class with students she is very patient and understanding with them.  She is also gracious in her interactions with staff and parents   - Mr. Smith