JH/HS PAWS Awards for December 2020

December PAWS Winners- Best Student
High School
Ag Science-  Elise Asper-  “Elise has shown this year that she is interested in just about everything. Not only does she like to show off her mechanical skills, but she also enjoys in-depth conversations about agriculture and otherworldly topics. Her enthusiasm in the classroom is a game-changer for anyone within her sphere of influence.” Mr. T. White
Art-  Harold Miller-  “Harold Miller always has a great attitude in class, is willing to try any new art project, and is a positive force in the classroom.”  Ms. LaRoque
Business Education-  Emersyn Hoover-  “Emersyn is a real pleasure to have in class.  She is always working hard and is a real leader in the classroom.   One of my favorite things about Emersyn is that she asks great questions.  She asks questions that let me know she is truly engaged in class and wants to learn more.  She seems to have a real interest in Business class and has demonstrated a lot of success in this area so far.”  Ms. Fisher
English-  Jazzmyn Ewing-  “I have had the privilege to teach Jazzmyn Ewing for the last two years, and I am incredibly impressed with her sparkling personality and tenacity. She stands out as an excellent student for several reasons: First, Jazzmyn always goes above and beyond in Journalism class. She quickly picked up video editing and is a great leader in class. She spends time outside of class to make sure our publications are successful.  In English Class, Jazzmyn truly desires to improve her skills and learn as much as possible. Last year during quarantine, she wrote an extra essay just to improve her skills for the ACTs.  She often comes to my classroom to find more novels to read, and she always has interesting ideas to share in class. I have seen her grow in her communication and writing skills, and her peers look to her as a leader. Jazzmyn consistently has her work done on time, and it is done to the best of her ability every time. I am certain Jazzmyn will go on to be successful in whatever she sets her mind to do!”  Ms. Calvery
Math-  Delaney Clark-  “Delaney Clark is my best student.  She's been a very consistent A student since the start of the school year until now.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music- Bella Moss -  “Bella Moss is a hard-working student in music class. She strives to complete her work on time and to her best ability. If she has any questions about the class material she is not afraid to ask.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education-  Cami Blevins-  “Cami is a joy to have in class - She is always on task, works hard, and strives to be better each day! Cami leads by example, but also can be a vocal leader!  Great job Cami!”  Mr. M. White
Physical Education-  Randon Richman-  “Randon continues to be a great listener!  He stays on task and provides positive leadership for those around him. Randon works hard and is continually striving to better himself!  Great effort Randon!”  Mr. M. White
Science-  Madi House-  “Madi is such a hard-working student. She studies very hard to understand the science material.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies-  Kolby Lohr-  “Kolby has a great understanding of social studies and strives to share his knowledge the best he can with his classmates.”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science-  Jadis Scarborough-  “Jadis has been a great addition to the agriculture program here at Shelby. Her peers elected her to serve as the JH FFA Treasurer; an important role. She has an unquenchable appetite for all things ag-related. Jadis is very grounded in her desire to be educated and has a very positive outlook on everything she does. Jadis has a great moral compass that demands respect from her peers and teachers.”  Mr. T. White
Art-  Paolo Manda-   “Paolo Manda always has a great attitude in class, is willing to try any new art project, and is a positive force in the classroom.”  Ms. LaRoque
English-  Calista Calvery-  “Calista Calvery has an amazing aptitude for Language Arts, incredible work ethic, and she holds herself to a very high standard in everything she does. Between her hard work and determination, there is nothing she can't do.”  Ms. Hough
Math-  Parker Parsons-  “Parker Parsons is a great math student.  He not only performs calculations well, but he also has a strong understanding of the underlying concepts.  I look forward to watching him progress through more difficult math classes as he gets older.”  Ms. Clark 
Music-  Addie Richman-  “Addie Richman consistently works hard during class and rarely is distracted by others in the room. After completing her work she is willing to help her classmates out by answering any of their questions.”  Mr. Gruber
Music-  Kamaria Celander-  “Kamaria Celander is a bright young woman who is always trying her best in music. I am so proud of all she has accomplished this year despite the challenges we all have faced. Great job Kamaria!”  Ms. Cruze
Physical Education-  Adele Lamb-  “Adele Lamb shows up to health enhancement class and works hard, leads by example, and has fun every day.”   Mr. Reynolds
Science-  Ivan Wickum-  “In a jr. high school full of great students Ivan Wickum stands out in science. He has a classic engineer's brain, he works through problems analytically, he likes to be challenged, and he cares about the quality of his work. At the purest level, he just loves to learn.”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies-  Reese Lee-  “I chose Reese Lee as the best student because she has really proved herself this year.  She has realized that being a good athlete, someone that is popular among her peers, and a good student can all be achieved.  Reese has stepped up and has been working so hard in ALL of her classes.  She wants more than what can be achieved on the court, she wants achievement in the classroom.  It has been awesome watching her want the best grades possible and strive for more.  I am so proud of her.  Way to go Reese!!!”  Ms. Kincaid