JH/HS PAWS Awards for January 2020

January PAWS Winners- Most Improved
High School
Ag Science-  Kyler Cassel-  “Kyler has come a long way since 9th grade when he was in his first agricultural science class. He has shown a willingness to learn and separate himself from his peers in a positive manner. He is trying new things every year and has become a sponge and trying to learn as much as he can about everything. He is a pleasure to have in class and has a great attitude.”  Mr. T. White
Art-  Tabris Correa-  “Tabris has improved in every way possible this year. He has become both a gentleman and a scholar, and has done some amazing work this year.”  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education-  Jordyn Kruty-  “Jordyn Kruty is ready to learn, polite, willing to help others, organized, and does her best in class. Jordyn is one of my favorite people to see every day!”  Ms. O’Brien
English-  Shane Tomaskie-  “The best word to describe Shane is tenacious. This year in English he has exceeded expectations and continues to work hard towards his goals.  I love that Shane knows what he would like to do with his future, and he is working hard towards that goal. Shane is always willing to read out loud and share his ideas with his classmates.  He has not only greatly improved in his reading ability, but also improved in his ability to self-advocate and problem solve.  I am thankful to be his teacher, and look forward to seeing his continued progress.”  Ms. Calvery 
Math-  Chase Evans-  “I have seen steady improvement in Chase Evans' effort in Math 3, and it has resulted in better and better test scores. I appreciate his commitment to improving!”  Ms. Clark
Music-  Taylor Schilling-  “Taylor Schilling has shown great improvement since the beginning of the school year. She has become a stronger singer within the choir and a leader in the class. Taylor is a hard worker who wants to make sure our choir is working to its fullest potential. ”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education-  Jory Clary-  “Jory has done a great job of being actively involved throughout the school year. She sets a high example and looks to improve and get better each day!”  Mr. M. White
Science-  Kolby Lohr-  “Kolby has progressed academically since the beginning of the year in Science.  He is studying and really doing very well in understanding the information which is showing in his grades.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies-  Joryn Bunnell-  “Joryn has shown a huge amount of growth and progress. His hard work and efforts are obvious.  He has stepped up a lot and is a leader in the classroom.”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science-  Faith Robinson-  “Focus Faith" was her nickname last year. Faith has gained some focus this year and has shown some great leadership skills in the classroom so far. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and lend a helping hand. She works hard on her projects in shop class and has taken some great initiative. I really like Faith's demeanor this year and her great smile.”  Mr. T. White
Art-  Tenneal McAllister-  “Tenneal struggled during the first semester but rallied and got her grades up in Art. She has done a wonderful job.”  Ms. Aspensen
English-  Tyler Snoeck-Nutt-  “Tyler is a hard worker and has been investing a lot of energy in his learning this year. He is really striving for understanding, not just grades.”  Ms. Hough
Math-  Caitlyn Luedke-  “She struggled in the beginning but now I've seen her progress and her determination to learn more.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music-  Jeremy Kingsolver-  “Jeremy has been the most improved student I have seen out of all my choir students. Each day I see him trying to learn more about his music and his voice. He is always willing to ask questions when he needs help and will ask the questions others won't. I am very proud of how far he has come. I hope Jeremy keeps singing and will always do his best.”  Ms. Cruze
Physical Education-  Donavan Bohman-  “Donavan has made huge strides this year in his physical health. He strives to work hard and learn each day in a fashion that promotes self-care! Great work Donavan!”  Mr. M. White
Science-  Faith Robinson-  “Faith continues to mature as a student and has certainly found a groove this year in science! She is a hard worker and is doing a great job!”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies-  Maranda Marsicano-  “I chose Maranda for most improved because she has been working very hard to stay on top of all of her work.  Even when she is gone she makes sure all work is completed.  I feel that Maranda has made great improvements this year.”  Ms. Kincaid