Elem PAWS Awards for January 2020

January Most Respectful
K - Goodan - Sophia Day shows respect to classmates and adults. She uses kind words and shows kind actions. She follows directions immediately and always behaves well. Way to go Sophia!
K - Tomsheck - Ryder Kaneff is very respectful. He shows respect not only to his classmates but all the teachers he works with. He shows respect through his actions and the words he says. Thank you for being you Ryder! 
1 - Canada - Skylar Riphenburg is very respectful and considerate of others around her. She is very well-behaved. When she is finished, with our table-top activity, she waits quietly for the direction or gets out her book to read. She is awesome!
1 - Mosley - Taylor Bykonen is extremely respectful to all of his teachers and friends he comes in contact with on a daily basis. He always actively listens to adults and responds in a very respectful manner. He shows respect to his friends by listening and being kind. Taylor is a wonderful role model for his peers and is a joy to have in class. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you!  
2 - J. Hayes - Jaxon Hooker is respectful to his peers and teachers. He is a great listener, he includes others, he encourages his peers and is always finding a way to help others. Way to go Jaxon! 
2 - K. Hayes - Samuel Flesch shows respect to adults and his peers on a daily basis.  Sam shows respect by being a good listener and speaking kindly.  Sam is a great example of being respectful!
3 - Barnhill - Cheryl Sonju is very respectful of her teachers and classmates.  She listens well, follows directions immediately and loves to help.  She shows kindness in class, as well as at recess. She invites others to play when she sees others playing by themselves.    Cheryl always tries her best and never gives up.  She uses please and thank you’ s wherever she goes.  Thank you for being a great role model in our classroom.  Keep up the good work!!
3 - White - Marshall Richman is a very polite, honest student who listens well, and who is a helper in the classroom as well as in our school.  He owns his own actions, doesn’t give up easily and displays selfless acts to those around him.  Thank you for being kind, thoughtful  and speaking in a courteous way, You are a great role model! Keep it up!   
4 - Wiederrick - Cael Blevins is a very respectful student.  He is always polite to adults and his fellow students.  He follows the Golden Rule to treat others as you want to be treated.  I’m proud of you, Cael!
4 - Koschmeder - Jacob Miller is a very respectful student! He uses kind words and a respectful tone of voice while speaking to any student or adult. Jacob treats each and every person he meets the way he would like to be treated. Jacob is also a great role model to other students on how to be respectful. Thank you Jacob! I am so proud of you!
5 - Rewerts - Sabien Bowland is a very respectful student.  He uses positive words when speaking to his classmates and myself. He is willing to help his fellow students with whatever they need.  He owns up to his behaviors when questioned. He does not blame others and accepts consequences. Thank you Sabien for doing your job in the classroom!  
5 - Buck - Johnathan Bykonen is very respectful. He is very concerned about using kind words while asking for something. He says please and thank you. Johnathan is a fabulous example of being respectful. Keep up the good work Johnathan.
6 - Bushnell - Addie Richman is a very respectful student! She is polite in class and is the first to offer words of encouragement to her classmates. She has a great attitude and brings out the best of everyone around her. She shows respect through her actions, her work ethic, and her attitude! Thank you Addie, you rock!!  
6 - Z. Hayes - Jadis Scarborough shows respect in everything that she does. When talking with other classmates she does a great job of listening to what they are saying. Jadis also does a great job of respecting her teachers by the way she responds and addresses them. Thank you for being a great, respectful role model.
Walking Teachers - Mrs. Perry - Tye Gray is very respectful during our walking time, and he encourages his friends to be respectful in line.
Clark - Wyatt Doty is respectful to both teachers and students in class and as I see him around the school.
Back Recess Teachers - Gregory Ahmels and Caius Bentley. These two young gentlemen have been on their best behavior whenever I’ve observed them.  They speak respectfully to one another while playing at recess and treat each other and other students the same way.
Cafeteria Staff - Ty Parsons.  Ty has been improving so much throughout the year.  He has been very polite while in line, and while sitting at the table with his peers.  Thank you Ty, and keep up the great work.
Gruber & Cruze - Riley Kincaid is extremely respectful in both band and choir. She is polite and kind to others and shows respect through her actions. We are very proud of Riley and hope she keeps up the great work!
W. Reynolds - Adelia McLoud is such a soft-spoken girl, but her respect for others comes through loud and clear. She is respectful when others are speaking and always waits politely for her turn. Not only is she respectful of others, but she also takes very good care of her books...and that is very important!
O’Brien - Addison Faunce is respectful in computer class. She listens to directions and diligently practices keyboarding even when it gets a little tiring. She is kind, polite, fun, and kind to her classmates.
T. Reynolds - Victoria Carlisle is always respectful in every situation. She maintains her respectful attitude even when her red hair is showing!
Erickson - Trinity Combs is very respectful and shows great manners! She always waits her turn and always has a smile on her face! Thanks for being awesome Trinity! 
Manda - Cheyenne Sonju is very respectful to the teachers and to her classmates. She greets the teachers with a big smile and shows a positive attitude every time she comes to the class. She also shows respect by following instructions without complaints. We appreciate you, Cheyenne!