Elem PAWS Awards for December 2019

December PAWS Awards for "Kindness"
K - Goodan
Lily Russell is exceptionally kind. She shares nicely with others. She is always willing to help with seatwork, and help them clean up their materials. She always uses kind words. She is caring when others are sad or hurt. Lily’s extraordinary kindness is a beautiful trait. Well done, Lily!
K - Tomsheck
Siera Jansen is one of the kindest girls I know. She always thinks of others above herself. She goes out of her way to make everybody feel included. She is an advocate for those who do not have a voice. Thank you, Siera for being so kind! I am proud of you!
1 - Canada
Nova Stewart is kind to everyone! She offers help to her friends who are having difficulty with the lessons. She shares and cheers them all the time. She loves to share her experiences with her friends and teachers. She uses polite words all the time. Nova is a very kindhearted soul and she is an awesome person to have as a friend!
1 - Mosley
Miah Bushnell is such a sweet little boy with a very kind heart! He is the first child to offer materials, kind words or guidance to his friends. He also shows kindness by helping me throughout the day as well. He is always thinking of others before himself. He is an excellent role model for his classmates. I am blessed to have such a sweet boy in class. I am very proud of him! Nice job, Miah!
2 - J. Hayes
Breckynn Kempf has such a big heart. She is always helping others and making sure they feel included. She encourages others and is always looking for a way to help out without being asked. Way to go Breckynn. 
2 - K. Hayes
Mia Wasser is a very kind young lady!  Mia is always watching out for her classmates.  If someone needs an extra hand or a bit of encouragement, she is right there to give whatever is needed.  Mia is also very helpful in the classroom by keeping it cleaned up.  Mia has a heart of GOLD!  Thank you for always being so kind to everyone Mia!  Mrs. Hayes
3 - Barnhill
Danaka is such a sweet girl.  She always tries to include others in the class, as well as at recess. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to her teachers and friends. She is always willing to share her school supplies when others are unable to find their own.  She loves to share her ideas with her classmates.  I am so lucky to have her in my classroom!!
3 - White
Benson Haight is a very kind-hearted student.  He is very generous with any supplies, helpful & friendly with other students and is such a good listener as other students share their thoughts.  He really shows empathy when others are struggling and tries to find a way to warm their hearts.  He is definitely a role model for treating others with kindness and respect! Thank you for having such a big heart, Benson!!  Mrs. White   
4 - Wiederrick
Kayler Austin is such a kind girl.  She always makes sure that her classmates have a partner or someone to play with.  She is kind and empathetic to all.  Thank you, Kayler!  I’m proud of you! 
4 - Koschmeder
Kyla Calangi is very kind and helpful to her teacher and fellow students. She is always there to lend a helping hand or kind word. Kyla encourages others to do their best and helps her classmates when needed. Way to go, Kyla! I am very proud of you! 
5 - Buck
Grayson Barker has the kindest heart! He always finds a way to make me smile. He cares about his classmates. He is always willing to help someone out. Grayson is a light in the classroom that I thoroughly enjoy each and every day. Grayson, don’t ever change! Mr. Buck
5 - Rewerts
Serenity Seidenstricker is kind to all.  She is always ready to help a classmate and share any of her school belongings. She greets her classmates and me with a beautiful smile daily.  I love having you in my classroom Serenity!
6 - Bushnell
Rylee Offe is always kind in class. He comes in with a great attitude and is always willing to lend a hand with materials or carrying heavy items. I can count on him to take time out of recess to help me with a project. Thank you, Rylee, I appreciate your attitude in class!! 
6 - Z. Hayes
Jasmine Hodges is always kind to others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed. Thank you, Jasmine, for being so kind.
Walking Teachers - Mrs. Perry
Brody Ballantyne shows kindness in the walking program and in line, Way to go Brody!!
K-3 Title - Mrs. Perry
Dieter Weishaar shows kindness by letting his friends go first in line and by being a good friend. Way to go Dieter!!
Brielle Hurley is always very kind to other kids. She includes others, notices when others need help and will offer to help them, and is kind with her words and actions.
Kitchen Staff
Kaden Watson. Kaden has shown kindness every chance he gets. Whether it is his friendly smile to his peers or helping cleaning down the tables. Thank you Kaden for all your kindness in the kitchen
Gruber & Cruze
Lilly Hooker is always kind to her peers and willing to help out in the music room. She has a big heart and always finds a way to bring joy into the classroom with either a joke or a smile or a helping hand. Thank you, Lilly, for spreading kindness like confetti. Keep up the great work, and keep singing. 
W. Reynolds
Dylan Clark has a kind heart. Not only does he treat his classmates with kindness, but he also is kind to his books. I appreciate his willingness to be a great partner regardless of who he is paired with and his overall positive attitude. 
Leighton Leck has a lovely heart.  I can depend on her to offer to help others, and she is so considerate, kind and patient when doing so. Thanks for making class just a little bit nicer every day, Leighton!
Tom Reynolds
Addison Richman is always nice and kind in class no matter what the situation is. 
Brixton Blair is a very kind boy. He always comes in with a smile and is always willing to help others. Anytime I need help with something Brixton is the first one to offer his assistance!! Thanks for being awesome Brixton!!
Kegan is kind to everyone with his words and actions. He helps others when they need assistance. He is also willing to give way and thoughtfully shares what he has. Way to go, Kegan!