Elem PAWS Awards for October 2019

November recognizes students in the Elementary for being the "Most Prepared"
Goodan - Sophia Day is always prepared for the day. She checks her backpack and takes out any materials she needs for the day. When she does seat work she is prompt about getting her materials ready. What a great job, Sophia!
Tomsheck - Iszabel makes sure she is prepared for every activity. She listens to all of the directions and then she gets started. She is a leader others can follow when they need to know what they are supposed to. I am very proud of you Iszabel!
Canada - Bennett Keyser is a great example of a student who is prepared. Bennett makes sure to turn in his homework folder every day. He keeps up on his reading goal, has great daily attendance and to top it off- he is ORGANIZED! He makes sure he has what he needs to be a successful First grader. Bennett helps others be successful as well. Great job!
Mosley - Brinlee is ALWAYS prepared for the day and throughout the day. She comes to school with her homework done and all of her school materials with her. She is consistently prepared for every subject and oftentimes helps her friends to be prepared as well. Brinlee studies hard in every subject and is very prepared for all of the tests she takes. I am very proud that I get to teach her every day and have her as a great role model for her classmates. Keep up the AMAZING job you do!
J. Hayes - Tye Gray comes to school prepared ready to learn. He does his best every day to make sure he has everything he needs. Not only does he get himself ready for the day but he is always checking and helping others get ready as well. Way to go Tye! 
K. Hayes - Tyler Howe is a very organized and prepared student.  He comes to school prepared for a day of learning.  He is always ready with his supplies and work when he needs to have it out.  Tyler will often be seen helping his classmates become prepared for the task that needs to be completed.  Keep up the awesome job Tyler!
Barnhill - Sullivan Heaton is always prepared for his day. He brings his planner and homework back on time. He is always prepared for class time and often will help his classmates find the necessary items so they can be prepared also.  He plans out his activities and when he finishes a task, he will begin the next task without hesitation.  I am very proud of Sullivan and all he does in our classroom. Keep up the great work!!!
White - Brian Hodges is organized and has his planner done every day.  He arrives early to school, plans his study time, brings homework/library books back daily, and is always ready to learn for each lesson. He is definitely a prepared student.  Way to go Brian!  
Wiederrick - Brianna Preuss is always prepared for class.  She always has her homework completed and turned in.  She returns forms and library books on time and is prepared for anything.  Way to go, Brianna!
Koschmeder - Nessa Petersen is an amazingly prepared student. She makes sure she has her work completed and turned in. On assignments she has several days to work on, Nessa gets her work done well before the due date so she is sure she has enough time to complete any other work that may be assigned along the way. Not only is Nessa well prepared in the classroom, but she is also prepared with the items she needs to be successful at recess, in other classrooms, and at home. Way to be prepared, Nessa! I am so proud of you!
Rewerts - Riley Kincaid is always organized and prepared.  She spends extra time making sure she has all the materials she needs to accomplish her work at school and at home.  She stays after school to organize her locker.  Recently, Riley spent time to welcome a new student and invited her to share her locker. Riley is organized and prepared for each day, therefore, she reaps the reward of good grades!  Way to Riley!!
Buck - Arieanna Preuss is always prepared for class. She completes her homework on time. She has her locker organized which allows her to be ready for anything that is thrown at her. Arie is a great example of showing others how to be prepared. Great Job Arie!
Bushnell - Clara Blonde is always prepared for my class. She completes all of her assignments on time and has the necessary materials for each day. I do not need to remind her of what to bring to class everyday and she is always ready to move to the next activity. She is a great example of what it looks like to be prepared. Thank you, Clara! 
Z. Hayes - Lindy Kiefer is always prepared for class and the day. Lindy does a great job of making sure she has her materials ready for the day. She makes sure her locker is organized and can easily access what she needs for the next class. She also consistently has her assignments done on time. Thanks for being prepared!!
Perry - Riley Kincaid-Park is always prepared for the walking program and never complains!! 
K-3 Title - Dominic comes in ready to learn, Great job being most prepared, Buddy!!
Clark - Trent Vigus is prepared in my counseling lessons. This month he had an activity to makeup and he worked hard to finish it on time. 
Gruber & Cruze - Hadley Clary comes to Maroon Band class every day with all her needed materials. She plays her saxophone really well and with her practicing outside of school has definitely shown that she is prepared to succeed in the band.
W. Reynolds - Whether he is with the class or on his own, Jaren Johannes is always prepared when he comes into the library. He has his books and is ready when he takes his AR tests as well. Because of his preparedness, he is able to help his classmates or younger students as well as getting his job accomplished.
O’Brien - Morgan Riphenburg is ready to listen, learn new skills and practice to be a better student. It is a pleasure to work with Morgan any day!
T. Reynolds - Payton Gray is always prepared and ready to go for class. Payton continues to lead by example.
Erickson - Arianna Watson does a great job of getting her materials out and is ready to go, as soon as she walks into my room. Keep up the good work Arianna!!
Manda - Conner Ramberg has his materials ready for class every day. He studies his spelling list ahead and comes to class with an excited attitude to learn.  We appreciate you being prepared, Conner!