Elem PAWS Winners for September 2019

September PAWS Winners - Pride
K – Goodan - Hylas Stewart takes great pride in everything he does. He is proud to be kind, respectful, and helpful. He shows extreme pride in his seatwork. He carefully writes and colors to perfection. What a great role model you are!
K – Tomsheck - Grady White is the epitome of pride. He works hard to show his best self without looking for recognition. He not only wants himself to succeed but also all those around him. Thank for all your hard work! 
1 – Canada - Gracelin Weishaar earns my nomination for PRIDE. She is a very hard worker and takes her time to do the task right. She is very motivated to reach her reading goal and be the best reader in class.  She never has to be reminded of the rules, how to treat others, to use kind words or help out a friend. Gracelin sets a wonderful example for others!
1 – Mosley - Eva Gray takes pride in everything she does. She shows pride every day at school through her work, behavior and attitude. She is a great role model for her peers. I am very proud of her and she should be proud of herself also. Keep up the great work. You are a joy to have in class!
2 - J. Hayes - Jagger Flesch has shown Pride since day one. He does his best in everything he does, has a positive attitude and is friendly to all his peers. Be proud of what you accomplish Jagger, way to go! 
2 - K. Hayes - Piper Lamb shows great pride in her behavior and her school work. She does her best in everything that she does.  Keep up the good work Piper and welcome to Shelby Elementary School.  Mrs. Hayes
3 – Barnhill - Gracie Ahmels has shown great pride in the classroom.  She always has her work completed very neatly and on time. She is a quiet worker and respects others. She has a great attitude and always tries her best.  Keep up the GREAT work!!!
3 – White - Caitlyn Reynolds shows great pride in the classroom through her academic assignments (penmanship and precision is topnotch) as well as her artistic projects. She has a great attitude, tries her best and is invested in her work.  Caitlyn, continue to stay proud of yourself today and always!!  
4 – Wiederrick - Quinnlyn Barker shows great pride in the classroom by completing her work on time, and going above and beyond to participate in the Mastery Club.  Great job, Quinny!
4 – Koschmeder - Elena Martinez has demonstrated great pride in my classroom. She loves to learn and does everything she can to get the most out of every activity and assignment in class. Elena asks questions if she needs help and puts forth her best effort into everything she does. I’m very proud of Elena and all her hard work. Keep it up, Elena!
5 – Rewerts - Congratulations Preslee Flesch for demonstrating pride in our classroom. Your work, attitude and commitment to doing your best daily is evident.  Pride is a trait that you show through you attention to details in your daily work with a smile on your face. Keep up the great work!
5 – Buck - Tori Tustian shows pride in all that she does. She attends Coyote games to support her school, works hard in class to be a leader to her classmates, and strives to achieve the most from everything we do in the classroom. Keep up the good work, Tori!
6 – Bushnell - Kamaria Celander shows PRIDE every day in the classroom. She works hard to get her work done and it is done neatly every time. I am very proud of her!! 
6 - Z. Hayes - The student in my room that has shown the most pride this month is Shia Petersen. Shia does a great job of showing PRIDE every day. He takes his time with his work to make it look neat. He also shows PRIDE by turning in his assignments on time. Shia also does a great job of showing PRIDE in his classroom and school by picking up after himself and others. Great job Shia!!
Clark - Paxton Flesch demonstrates Pride anywhere that I see him in the school. He is always willing to help students and staff without looking to be recognized. 
Gruber & Cruze - Kolben Aikins shows pride in music by showing enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and focus. Kolben will learn songs quickly and with an eagerness to learn more, while also helping others out. He is always happy to aid in the classroom with his musical ability, and knowledge; it's wonderful to see any students believe in themselves. 
W. Reynolds - Riley Kincaid exhibits pride by working diligently in her reading. She was proud of the amount of reading she accomplished over the summer and worked earnestly to take all of the AR tests to record her efforts. I love when students show pride in themselves by doing the best job they can and Riley epitomizes this.
O’Brien - Dimitri Ortiz shows pride in Computer class by sitting straight, listening to directions, and really concentrating to learn the keyboard. He is one of a few students who isn’t required to use a keyboard cover.
T. Reynolds - John Jansen not only shows pride in his efforts and attitude in PE, but he is always super proud of his Vikings Jersey and other gear he wears to get on my good side.
Erickson - Orion Cresswell takes pride in her work. She takes her time on her assignments to make sure it is done correct and looks neat. She also shows Pride in learning, and loves to learn new things. Great Job Orion!!
Manda - Kaiden Pedersen shows pride in his work by completing his assigned tasks correctly and neatly. He is confident in sharing his answers and ideas especially in Reading. He also makes sure he does great in Spelling!