JH/HS PAWS Winners for September 2019

September PAWS Winners- Most Courageous
High School
Ag Science-  Ayelleah Brown-  “Ayelleah has hit the ground running in Shelby. She started the year off with a bang by applying to be an FFA officer. She was selected to serve as our chapter's Secretary. She also has volunteered to help with concessions numerous times and has participated in many FFA events. Ayelleah shows that she is courageous because she moved here from another school and has shown that she wants to be a Coyote. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Ayelleah.”  Mr. T. White
Art-  Tyler Smith-  “Tyler has set big artistic challenges in front of himself, even though they scare him. Every day, he steps up to the challenge and takes one more step toward his goals. Doing that day after day, never giving up, takes guts.”  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education-  Jordan Cliver-  “Jordan Cliver is a new student as a senior which can take some courage and confidence. Jordan's schoolwork is spot-on correct and done neatly. She has stepped up to be both a leader and a friendly person. Way to go, Jordan, and welcome to SHS!”  Ms. O’Brien
English- Brook Luly-  “Mr. Tokerud and I nominate Brook Luly for being the most courageous student.  I have seen Brook acknowledge fears and challenges, and not back down from difficult situations but rather confront the problem with tenacity. She is also a quiet leader among her peers and leads by example.  As a student, athlete, and in her personal life, Brook has used the challenges to grow, and we see her as a positive role model.”  -Ms. Calvery 
Math-  Elise Asper-  “Eliise Asper is always willing to take a chance in math.  She'll show her work on the board in front of the class, even if she's not sure if she's right.  She's courageous enough to do her work independently, and to share her knowledge with others.”  Ms. Clark
Music-  Ryland Larson-  “Ryland Larson is being courageous by learning to play a different instrument in the band and also being part of the choir after not being in the choir for two years.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Byrce Lee -  “Byrce is a strong young leader that does his best leading by example. His courage comes from the fact that he does what he thinks is best/right and does not let others deter that attitude in a  negative way.” Mr. M. White
Science-  Ethan Carver-Hintz-  “Ethan has taken on a challenge in the form of Biology.  He participates in class discussions and is trying his best to increase his knowledge.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies-  Laith Benhammou-  “Laith gets my nomination for most courageous because I think he's taken every history course ever offered that is taught by me. Laith obviously likes his history loud, real, in your face and most times embellished. The way a true historian appreciates the past.”  Mr. Lee
Junior High
Ag Science-  “Kolby Davidson-  Kolby has the heart of a lion. He moved to Shelby last year and has proven that he wants to be a Coyote. Kolby made the effort to become an FFA officer in junior high. He was elected by his peers to serve as the Reporter. Kolby is extremely helpful in class and loves to offer a helping hand when needed. Kolby has shown a lot of courage from his first day mid-way through last year until now. We are all proud of him!”  Mr. T. White
Art-  Hayden Schilling-  “Despite big changes for him this year, Hayden keeps showing up and doing what he can to go with the new flow. When he stumbles, he picks himself up, dusts himself off, and gives it another try. Hayden's persistence and tenacity is admirable.”  Ms. Aspensen
English-  Maya Gorth-  “Maya is courageous, standing up for what she believes in. She isn't afraid to question things but always considers the whole picture before making up her mind. Her quiet courage is inspiring!”  Ms. Hough
Math-  Kobe Hooker-  “Math Most Courageous JH Student is Kobe Hooker.  He's fearless in numbers. He's not afraid to try more challenging questions that will expand his horizon.”  Mr. Pastrana 
Music-  Mary Sanchez-  “Mary Sanchez is not afraid of being heard while singing in the choir and she knows that mistakes lead to learning opportunities.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education-  Cami Blevins-  “This girl takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  Even when she is hurt Cami wants to go 100%.”  Ms. Kincaid
Science-  Chevy Burdeau-  “The man with the name AND the constant smile. So far I have not observed anything that gets this kid down.”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies-  Ivan Wickum-  “Ivan came in for another school and has worked hard since day one.  He never lets things get him down. Plus he always has a smile on his face.  So glad he is here with us.”  Ms. Kincaid