Elem PAWS Awards for April 2019

April PAWS Recipients - Responsible
Marco Manda is an incredibly responsible student. I can always rely on him to follow directions and make good choices all day long. He takes care of his materials and has them ready when they are needed. He is a great role model for all the other students. Way to go Marco. WOOT! Mrs. Goodan
Rustin Offe is a very responsible student. He is always prepared for the day and I can count on him to follow directions. He is always quick to move on to the next task. Rustin is great at including all of his friends in activities and being certain they follow the rules. I am so proud of him!! Mrs. Tomsheck 
Lark Wray has shown what it means to be responsible. He always has his homework completed and returns his folder every single day. He is always prepared for class and gets his work done most of the time. He owns up to his mistakes and works very hard to do better next time. He also takes care of others when someone has a need arise. Good job, Lark! Mrs. Canada
Jagger Flesch is one of the most responsible kids I have ever had in class. He makes sure he gets all of his work done correctly and on time during the day. His homework is always completed to the best of his ability and turned in on time. If he is gone, he is very responsible and gets his work done early or hands it in right when he gets back. I can count on Jagger to display responsibility to anyone that he is around. He is a wonderful role model to his friends in class and throughout the school. I am very proud of Jagger. AWESOME JOB! Mrs. Mosley
Rowen Russell is constantly showing how she is a responsible student. She is a great listener, follows the rules and is always ready for the day. She helps others who might need help and is constantly doing her best. Rowen is also a great friend and helper to those around her! Thank you Rowen for all your hard work! Mrs. J. Hayes
Andrea Hall is always working on being responsible. She works hard on following the directions and getting her work completed on time. Keep up the good work Andrea! Mrs. K. Hayes
April Williams is a very responsible girl. She goes to class on time and makes sure to use her time in other classes and my class very wisely. She works very hard on assignments and brings back her work. She has worked hard this year on being responsible and getting her assignments done and turned in. April also has not given up on things that get difficult for her. She pushes through and takes responsibility to get everything done. Way to go, April! Mrs. Kiefer
Brianna Preuss is constantly making good decisions, good behavior choices, and always accepts the consequences of her own actions. For example: when absent, she makes up her work or stays in to finish it. She is kind, honest and fair when on the playground with her peers, and she works hard in the classroom on assignments, reading books and studying for tests. What a role model for responsibility, we appreciate your choice so much! I’m proud of you Brianna! Mrs. White
Arie Preuss is very responsible. She is always prepared for class, always has her homework done, and always has the supplies that she needs to be successful. Way to go, Arie. Mrs. Wiederrick
Elly McDermott is one of the most responsible students I have ever met. She makes sure she has all her work done correctly and on time. Any time she has left in her school day, she uses to get prepared for upcoming assignments, tests, and other school events. Elly is a great leader who demonstrates to her classmates how to be responsible in a positive and kind way. Way to go, Elly! You are a wonderful representation of responsibility for all students! I’m so proud of you! Mrs. Koschmeder
Addie Richman is a very responsible fifth grader. She is always prepared with her homework, daily tasks, and carries out fifth grade daily tasks without being reminded. Her head is always down and she does the best she can do. She is responsible for her learning and takes it very seriously. Great Job Addie, I am proud of you! Mrs. Rewerts
Payton Gray is very responsible He always has his homework turned in on time.  When he is absent, he gets his missed assignments from the folder without being prompted. He always has what he needs for the day. Payton is an excellent example of being responsible! Mrs. Taylor
Maya Gorth is a very responsible student. She is responsible with her lessons and homework. She studies for tests and it shows. She always uses her time wisely in class and out of class. She is a student that never needs to be reminded to be responsible. Keep up the good work Maya! Mr. Buck
Tyler Hansen is a prime example of a responsible student. He is always completing his work on time and fully done. He understands that his learning is his responsibility and keeps up on it. Great job Tyler! Mr. Z. Hayes
Trevor Tustian is always responsible in the cafeteria. Without being asked, he takes the initiative to wipe down the tables every day. He is a responsible young man whose work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for what you do. Mrs. Strader, Head Cook
Kayla Deeble is always responsible in the music room; she comes in ready to learn and with a positive attitude in music no matter what. She learns her music quickly and is eager to help out in any way. Keep singing Kayla! Mrs. Cruze
Rylee Offe is a great example of library responsibility. He has never had a fine, he’s trustworthy with messages and/or materials that Mrs. Reynolds or Mrs. Scarborough ask him to deliver, he tests responsibly, and he makes good decisions during library time. Way to go, Rylee! Mrs. Reynolds
Kobe Hooker is always responsible in PE class and not only that but also when he walks his younger siblings to school throughout the school year. Mr. Reynolds
Arianna Watson has improved on her ability to be responsible. She has shown responsibility to come in every morning and take care of her responsibilities before school starts. She has also been more responsible with her books; reading them and returning them in a timely manner on her own. Mr. Erickson
Ginger Seifert is very responsible. She brings the needed things for the class. She also knows her schedule and does not need to be reminded about it. In class, she immediately starts her work and turns in her work on time. Way to go, Ginger! Mrs. Manda
Lindy Kiefer is a responsible young lady who always takes care of herself and others. She deals with a tough health issue that never seems to get her down. Lindy always has the materials and supplies that she needs to be successful, for both her health and her academics. I am proud of how mature and responsible she is. Way to go Lindy! Mrs. Finch