JH/HS PAWS Awards for April 2019

April PAWS Winners - Well Rounded Student of the Year
High School
Ag Science-  Aidan Torgerson -  “Aidan exemplifies what it is to be a well-rounded student. He goes out of his way to show genuine interest in your class, he is a "go-getter", always polite and respectful, and has an uncanny way of putting two and two together. In school, Aidan is involved in many things and is a fierce competitor. Every student should strive to put forth the effort and eagerness that Aidan does.”  Mr. T. White
Art- Jahna Welker - “Jahna is not only an outstanding artist, but she is an outstanding human being. She rises to every challenge with grace and excellence, she is always available to help her peers, and she always has a good attitude.”  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education- Sean Rogers- “Sean is respectful, polite, supportive, and has a great sense of humor. He comes to class ready to learn and isn't afraid to ask questions when needed. Sean is willing and able to help others with various projects and he seems to be very respectful to both himself and his peers.   He has done an excellent job in preparing himself for his future.”  Mr. Tokerud
English- Skyler Martin -  “Skyler has worked extremely hard in AP English this year.  She has a great attitude, is always prepared for class, and is kind and respectful to her classmates.  Skyler has worked hard to improve her writing this year, and I am so glad to have her in class.  Ms. Martin is an outstanding person and student who has been an excellent role model for others.  She always does more than her share and has continually made Shelby proud of her.”  Ms. Calvery & Mr. Tokerud
Math- Damon Irvin - “Damon has pushed himself this year in math by excelling in dual credit College Algebra and Pre-Calculus.  He maintained an A average in both classes and has completed the core curriculum required in math for his degree in college by earning 7 college credits.  Way to go Damon!”  Ms. Griffis
Music- Joshua Buck -  ”Joshua has been a valuable member of the music department this year. He works hard in all three ensembles, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Choir. Often he steps up during class to help others understand their parts and other musical concepts. Joshua has displayed his musical talents by singing the National Anthem at a basketball game, playing solos on the tuba in Jazz Band, and earning a Superior rating for his piano solo at the District and State Music Festivals.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Logan Leck - “Logan is a first-class kid who has come to class every day ready to work and lead by example! I really enjoy his sense of humor and ability to get along with all his classmates! Great job Logan!”  Mr. M. White
Science- Kelsyn Lohr- “Kelsyn is a well-rounded student.  She works hard in Science classes and chooses to challenge herself.  We appreciate her hard work.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies- Clara Waters - “Clara has worked hard to prepare herself for her future by being involved in a number of classes and activities.  It is impossible not to notice that Clara is a leader in every area she pursues. She is a naturally charismatic and considerate individual who shares her talents with everyone.”  Ms. Moylan
Social Studies- Nick Kuster-  “The most inspiring young man I have ever taught. This guy doesn't even know what limitations or obstacles are. Rarely does something get Nick down or let something get in his way. His infectious positive attitude makes him superhuman and coupled with his warm-hearted treatment of those around him make Nick Shelby Public Schools Navy SEAL.”  Mr. Lee
Junior High
Ag Science-  Delaney Clark -  “At a young age, Delaney has proven that she is well-rounded. She not only is a great student, but she is also affable and willing to learn. She is involved in numerous sports and community activities. It's not uncommon to see Delaney competing in a public speaking competition one day and showing off her livestock the next. If there ever was a future leader in the making, Delaney would be it.”  Mr. T. White
Art- Anna Aklestad - “Anna gives her best effort to every endeavor and does it with a wonderful attitude. She faces challenges with unflinching resolve and soldiers through them, and maintains her sunny disposition throughout.”  Ms. Aspensen
English- Madi House - “Madi is a student with guts and determination. She works hard to improve her academic skills, often grasping concepts in fascinating ways. Her determination to be her very best is evident in everything she does and has really paid off this year. Madi is an amazing student!”  Ms. Hough
Math- Ryan Simpson - “I chose Ryan Simpson, a grade 8 Honors guy whom I can describe as someone who is a hardworking person with a good knowledge of math and mentally capable of helping others in the classroom.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music- Jori Clary -  “Jori has been a strong leader in the Junior High Band all year long. She always does what has been asked of her in class and has donated her time outside of class. On a regular basis, Jori can be seen helping other students in class understand musical concepts and their parts. Jori is willing to not only lead while playing but when I am absent from class she is willing to stand up in front of the class and lead them through the rehearsals.”  Mr. Gruber
Music- Berlin Larson - “Berlin has been an excellent student all year and is always eager to help out in choir and other programs in the school. She has volunteered her time to help other students out with work and vocal pieces. She will help out with any part in the choir, including the tenor part (when needed) and I couldn't be more proud.”  Ms. Cruze 
Physical Education- Cami Blevins - “Cami is a blast to have in P.E.  She always has a smile on her face and is willing to give a little extra to help anyone out.  Cami is always singing and dancing to give P.E. a little more flair and excitement.”  Ms. Kincaid
Science- Trenton Emerson - “Simply put, Trenton is the man. Hard working, dedicated, goal oriented, outgoing, empathetic, kind, sensitive, charismatic, respectful, honest, humble, he is the guy you want on your team.”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies-Jul Gonzaga - “Jul is a very hard worker.  She is so amazing to have in class.  Since the being of the year, she has always been one I could count on.  Jul is an all-around great kid.”  Ms. Kincaid