2019 JMG Ignite Conference

The JMG (Jobs for Montana’s Graduates) class at Shelby High School recently attended the JMG IGNITE conference in Billings April 24-25, 2019.
Besides competing in numerous events, students performed community service at Zoo Montana.
Award winners were as follows:
Chairman’s Recognition Award – Skyler Martin
JMG Reach Higher Scholarships - Damon Irvin ($1000), Ryan Van Tine ($500), Skyler Martin ($500)
JAG National Ken A Smith Scholarship - Damon Irvin ($1000)
Community Service Award – Shelby High School, 2nd place
Web Page Design – Shelby High School, Dillon Luly, 2nd place
School Banner – Shelby High School, Sean Rogers and Dillon Luly, 2nd place
Group Talent – Shelby High School, 2nd place
PBL Community Service – Damon Irvin, Wyatt Brusven, Ray Van Tine, 1st place
Individual Community Service Award – Brittany Hanson, 1st place
JMG Job Interview - Ryan Van Tine 1st place ($200 scholarship) and Damon Irvin 3rd place ($100 scholarship)
Individual Talent – Clara Waters, 2nd place
Telephone Interview – Skyler Martin, 1st place and Tucker Tustian, 3rd place
People’s Choice Poster – Hannah Nelson
People’s Choice Banner – Dillon Luly and Sean Rogers
Community Service at Zoo Montana – Faith Stenger, John Pastrana, Jered Johannsen, Carly Parsell, Hannah Nelson, Brittany Hanson, Nick Kuster, Isaiah Pedersen, Julie Olsen, Robert Kuster, and Mitch Griffis
JMG Ignite Conference