Elem PAWS Awards for March 2019

Elementary - March PAWS Awards
Ali Austin is always prepared for any activity or lesson in class. She has her materials ready and in front of her. When getting ready for the day or for recess, she remembers her shoes, boots, coat, accessories, and backpack. She gets right to work on any task she is given and wastes no time because she is thoroughly prepared. Mrs. Goodan
Leighton Lee is always prepared. She listens to make sure she knows exactly what she needs to do and does it right away. She is an example for her classmates when they are unsure of what they are supposed to do. She never wastes time and can always be counted on to prepared no matter the task. Thank you, Leighton! Mrs. Tomsheck
Tye Gray is always prepared for the day. He has no late assignments and is always prepared with the necessary supplies for the class. Throughout the day he is prepared for every task that is asked of him. He studies for his weekly tests and always does very well because he prepares himself for doing his best. He is an excellent role model for everyone in the class. I am very proud of Tye! Mrs. Canada
Elliette Clarke is always prepared for class each day with her homework and materials. She is also consistently prepared throughout the whole school day. She makes it a goal to always have what she needs for every subject out and ready when necessary. She will even help her friends be prepared. I am very impressed with her strive for success. Keep up the good work! Mrs. Mosley
Danyka Carlisle always does her best to be prepared for the day. She has a great attitude and helps those around her as well. Thank you Danyka for being prepared to learn! Mrs. J. Hayes
Ryan Williams is an awesome example of a student who is prepared. He always has himself and his supplies ready for the lessons being taught. Keep up the good work Ryan! Mrs. K. Hayes
Ryan Gray is a great example of a student who is prepared. Ryan makes sure to turn in his homework folder every day, and he makes sure he does his homework if he has any to do. He studies for tests, works hard to meet his reading goals, and is consistently ready with the supplies needed to be successful in class. Ryan also likes to look ahead in the week and plan for special classes, tests, and important events. He’s very good at remembering what he needs to do and is very prepared. Mrs. Kiefer
One key to Kayler Austin’s success is, she is prepared. She manages her time wisely, gets her homework done and turned in on time, studies for tests, asks questions right away, she keeps up on her reading goals, has great daily attendance and to top it off - she is organized! Wowza - I’m amazed at how easy you make it look!  Congrats Kayler! Mrs. White
Hayden Stores is always prepared for class. He always has his homework done and turned in on time, brings notes back, and studies for any and all tests and quizzes. He manages his time wisely. Way to go, Hayden! Mrs. Wiederrick
Riley Kincaid is very prepared! She makes sure she has what she needs to be a successful fourth grader. Riley helps others be successful as well. Way to go, Riley! Mrs. Koschmeder
Kamaria Celander is always prepared for her school day and tests. She works hard at school, Club Success and at home. She comes prepared to hand in her work and do her best. She spends time making flashcards and studying nightly for ready herself for tests and her school day! Good job Kamaria, I see your efforts!!! Mrs. Rewerts
Wyatt Doty is very prepared. He makes sure he has what he needs each day and is organized. He doesn’t have to go to his locker to get something he forgot. He also makes sure that he gets any missed work when he is gone. He sets a great example of being prepared! Good job Wyatt! Mrs. Taylor
Paolo Manda is always prepared. He finishes his homework on time and never has to be asked to get something out. He anticipates what will be needed so he can be ready. He is a wonderful example of being prepared. Way to go Paolo! Mr. Buck
Brendan Clark is a great example of what it means to be prepared. He consistently has all the materials necessary for each class to set himself up to be successful. Good work Brendan! Thanks for being prepared! Mr. Hayes
Gracie Ahmels is always prepared and dressed appropriately for the weather. She had gloves, hat, boots, and snow pants for all of our snowy days. She is prepared to start walking right when the bell rings for the walking program. Mrs. Clark
Taylor Bykonen works very hard and is always prepared for learning. He tries hard and never gives up. I appreciate his positive attitude and perseverance. Mrs. Perry
Brian Hodges is always prepared for music and comes in ready to learn, and ready to sing. Every time we learn a new song, he does his best to have the piece memorized as quickly as possible. He learns all the actions within the week and is eager to help any of his classmates. I am proud of all his hard work and I hope he keeps it up. Great Job Brian! Mrs. Cruze
Whether it is checking out books, taking tests, or explaining why he earned a prize, Thomas Seymour is prepared when he comes to the library. Mrs. Reynolds
Parker Parsons is always prompt and prepared for P.E. class. He works hard and comes ready to roll. Mr. Reynolds
Brixton Blair is a prompt and prepared young DUDE!! He shows up ready to learn. His excitement for learning is contagious and makes him super easy to work with. Mr. Erickson
Ginger Seifert is always prepared whenever she comes into the class. She has all her materials and is ready to listen and learn. She’s a good example of being prompt and prepared. Good job, Ginger! Mrs. Manda