JH/HS PAWS Awards for March 2019

March PAWS Winners - Best Attitude
High School
Ag Science- Briton Bunnell  - “Briton has come a long way when it comes to attitude. He has matured into a kid that you want to have in class because of his positive outlook. This year he has shown that trying new things and having fun doing them is his goal. I have yet to see Briton have a bad day and he brings that optimism to the classroom.“  Mr. T. White
Art- Adria Lamb - “Adria has the best attitude in class and everywhere I see her. Even when she's having an off day she's ON with a PAWSitive attitude.“  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education- Jeremiah Van Maanen - “Jerry always comes to class ready to work and learn.  He is a very good person and never says a bad word about anybody. ”  Mr. Tokerud
English- Bailey Johnson -  “Bailey is a major contributor in the classroom and is always working to better herself.   She  has a very pleasant personality.”  Mr. Tokerud
Math- Nick Kuster - “Nick Kuster - always trying to be successful - never complains - gives up spare time to work on math ”  Ms. Griffis
Music- Lucas Fretheim -  ”Lucas is always happy, it doesn't matter what we are doing he has a smile on his face. He positive personality brings joy to others. This joy can also be heard in the music that he plays either on his trombone or when he is playing the piano. Lucas has to be one of the most positive people to come through the band room doors.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Rhett Reynolds - “Rhett comes to class every day with a smile on his face and ready to succeed!”  Mr. M. White
Science- Jahna Welker - “Jahna comes in every day prepared. I have never heard her say anything negative. She may not be the loudest banana in the bunch, but when she does talk it is always something positive about learning!”  Ms. Skillman
Social Studies- Mary Sanchez - “Mary is always eager to learn and has a positive attitude towards whatever we are doing in class.  She seeks opportunities in the classroom to really be apart of her learning experience.”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science- Melanie Van Heel -  “Melanie Class is always better when Melanie is there. She brings a boatload of positive energy to class and a refreshing amount of common sense as well. Melanie is always eager to lend a helping hand and takes pride in her class work.“  Mr. T. White
Art- Elise Asper - “Elise is always pleasant and positive, and a joy to have in class. Her attitude helps brighten up the classroom. ”  Ms. Aspensen
English- Madi House - “Madi has a positive attitude every day. She cares deeply about her education and the education of the students around her and strives to help those who are having a hard time. She is an amazing individual.“  Ms. Hough
Math- Bella Moss - “Bella is very attentive and listens well during discussions.  She always ready to participate and interact during recitation.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music- Megan Benjamin -  “Megan always comes to class ready to work with a positive outlook on class and life. She tries to brighten everyone's day through her thoughtful comments and supportive gestures. She can be a ray of sunshine when it is cloudy in the band room.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Jory Clary - “Jory brings enthusiasm and fun to the class each and every day!“  Mr. White - Dylan Mulvaney- “Dylan works hard every day in class.  He comes to the gym ready to get busy.  He willingly works with any team he is on and participates in everything; he is eager to get going. Dylan sets the example.”  Ms. Kincaid
Science- Caiden Moench - “Caiden has one of the best attitudes around! With his ever-present smile in class and in the hallway, his is the first to greet his teachers and peers in the morning and on his way out of the door at the end of the day. Caiden takes on positive acclamation AND discipline the same, with a big heartfelt smile. This is the kid you would want to have with you during the Zompocalypse or if you had been sailing on the Titanic.”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies- Larissa Hintz - “Larissa has been through so much this year.  She has overcome so many obstacles the past couple of months that we are very proud of her.  Larissa's attitude towards everything has been amazing.  There have been ups and downs, but she has always worked through them with a smile.”  Ms. Kincaid