Elem PAWS Awards for February 2019

February Elementary PAWS Trait: Kindness
Jeremiah Bushnell is the kindest of children. He is considerate to others in every way possible. He is willing to help others when needed and never complains. He is generous to his classmates and peers. Mrs. Goodan
Preston Moberly is kind to everyone. He is the first one to help friends feel included. He always considers others feelings. He is a great example of kindness everywhere he goes. He is friends with everyone. I am so happy he is in my class. Mrs. Tomsheck
Jaxon Hooker is a great example of a student who shows kindness in every way! No matter who he is partnered with or who asks to play with him, he is kind and accepting. He always includes everyone and treats other children in a respectful way. He is an awesome person to have as a friend. I am so happy to have him in my classroom. Mrs. Canada
Lucas Howell is an amazingly sweet boy. He is always willing to help his friends and his teacher in any way that he can. He is consistently willing to let others play with him and his friends and invites them into games with a smile. He truly does spread kindness around like confetti wherever he goes! Thanks for being so sweet! Mrs. Mosley
Payton Moench is such a kind girl to everyone around her. She is always willing to help those around her with a smile on her face. Thank you for being kind to everyone around you! Mrs. J. Hayes
Trenton Fugle is a kind, caring, and quiet young boy!  When he gets his work completed, he is always looking for a way to either help his classmates or myself.  Trenton, I hope you will continue to always be kind! Mrs. K. Hayes
Quinny (Quinnlyn) Barker is a happy, kind girl. She loves all the other children in her class and goes out of her way to help them. She finds humor in everyday classroom situations and with her gentle way, she helps children who might be having a hard time seeing things in a different light. Quinny is very smart and enjoys helping other children with their work if they are stuck. Quinny will hang out with anyone in the classroom and have a great time and make them smile. She truly is a gentle, kind soul. Mrs. Kiefer
Marissa Snoeck-Schabach is caring, helpful and generous to everyone she meets. She shows respect to all by being friendly. She always gives a quiet smile and jumps in to help when needed. She is definitely a great, kind kid to have around! Thank you for being you! Mrs. White
Preslee Flesch is a kind, caring student. She is always willing to include others in her playtime and goes out of her way to help students who may need a little help in class.  She always has a big smile on her face and cares about her classmates. Thank you, Preslee! Miss Wiederrick
Kael Young is a very kind and respectful young man. If someone is in need, he always is willing to give his time to help them out. His choices show his respect for students and adults on a daily basis. Kael, you set a great example of kindness in our classroom! Miss Rewerts
Bryson Deeble is a very kind student. He shows kindness to his classmates in many ways. He is helpful, positive and never has unkind words to say. He has been a great example of showing kindness! Mrs. Taylor
Alexia Bohman is always very kind to those she meets. She has an infectious smile and attitude that makes those around her have a better day. Alexia thinks of others ahead of herself in every situation. Great job showing respect to everyone through kindness Alexia! Mr. Buck
Reese Lee is a very kind girl. She is always trying to say and do kind things. Reese does her best to be kind to everyone in her day. Thanks, Reese for always being kind!! Mr. Hayes
Riley Kincaid is very kind to everyone. If another student is having a tough day, she makes it a point to do something kind for them. Mrs. Clark - Walking Program
Riley Gowdy is a kind girl. She is always looking out for others!! Mrs.Perry 
Nataliah Sydenstricker, Leighton Leck, and Gregory Ahmels are so kind and patient to others that struggle. They are good people!  Mrs. Doane
Clara Blonde is a kind and supportive classmate in the Maroon Band. She is always complimenting others when it is their turn to play and is willing to play with anyone who does not want to play by themselves. She does her best every day to make sure that she is polite to everyone. Mr. Gruber
Bennett Keyser is a very kind student. He’s very considerate of his classmates and is willing to be flexible without complaining or objecting. He just does what is needed to help his classmates, and his teachers, without expecting recognition. He’s a great example of kindness in the library. Mrs. Reynolds & Mrs. Scarborough
April Williams is one of the kindest students in the school. She is always kind to those around her and is willing to lend a helping hand. Mr. Erickson and Mrs. Deeble
Kaylynn Seymour is kind in her words and deeds; she uses positive words and helpful acts in dealing with her classmates and teachers. She is a friend to everyone. We appreciate your kindness, Kaylynn! Mrs. Manda
Dalias Price is a sweet and caring young man with a huge heart. He shows kindness everywhere he goes and in everything that he does. We are so happy to have you at Shelby Elementary School! Mrs. Finch