JH/HS PAWS Awards for February 2019

February PAWS Winners - Citizenship
High School
Ag Science- Alex Stratton - “When you want something done or a helping hand, you call Alex. Alex defines citizenship. He takes pride in his selfless ability to help others. He does this without hesitation and with a smile. Whether the task is big or small, Alex is up for the job. Alex also is an exceptional mechanic and is often found under a vehicle or helping someone else with their vehicle. I am certain that Alex will be successful in life simply because of his work ethic.“  Mr. T. White
Art- Jerry VanMaanen - “Jeremiah has consistently moved beyond his comfort zone this year in order to take on leadership roles. He was elected President of the Art Club this year and then went on to start up the Knitting Club. Jerry is always looking for ways to get his fellow students involved in art and has helped the art club work concessions every single time, and always responds with a cheerful "yes" whenever asked to take on additional responsibilities.“  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education- Maura Jade Barnes - “Maura Jade is a pleasure to have in class. She is dependable, willing to work, and gives her time and energy to support our teams on the cheer squad. Her efforts are much appreciated!”  Ms. O'Brien
English- Baylen Moss -  “Baylen has continually shown a positive attitude toward his classmates, school, and community.  He is a good classmate and seems to have the strength  of character and courage to do what is right.”  Mr. Tokerud
Math- Damon Irvin - “Damon had become a clear-thinking and enlightened participant in Dual Credit Pre-Calculus.  His decision making in math has been a delight to see in their group discussions.”  Ms. Griffis
Music- Vivi McDermott -  ”Vivi is nominated as the music department's February student of the month because of her dedication to the program. She demonstrates great citizenship in the music department by being active in the concert, jazz, and pep bands. She is always there to help others out when they need a hand. It is a pleasure working with Vivi on a daily basis.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Kolby Lohr - “Kolby is a fun loving, spirited kid that spreads his infectious attitude around. Kolby is always one of the first in class and last to leave! I really appreciate his effort and kindness!”  Mr. M. White
Science- Brogan McAllister - “Brogan is kind to other students.  She is also spearheading a program to put books in the hands of students and placing book exchange centers around town. ”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies- Brogan McAllister - “Brogan's integrity, character, and values are obvious in all that she does.  She was a natural and obvious pick for the category of citizenship. ”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science- Corbyn May -  “At a young age, Corbyn has figured out that volunteering can be a rewarding venture. Corbyn has helped out at concessions this year countless times for groups that he wasn't even involved in yet. He is reliable and is willing to help out at a moment's notice. His only request is that he gets a few candy bars when he helps!“  Mr. T. White
Art- Vlad Olsen - “Vlad has demonstrated that he is willing to step up and take responsibility and be a leader when it counts. I have been very proud of Vlad for distinguishing himself from the crowd making good choices this semester.”  Ms. Aspensen
English- Tyler Snoeck - “Tyler tries to make his peers feel welcome and often helps others both in and outside of the classroom. He is always willing to lend a hand and keeps a great attitude.“  Ms. Hough
Math- Ryan Simpson - “I chose Ryan as the recipient of  Math PAWS Best Citizenship Award because of his initiative to help struggling students in Math.  He is also very respectful in class and always bring out his best performance during Math quizzes and recitation.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music- Tanner Deeble -  “Tanner is respectful, eager to volunteer, and help out his friends and fellow classmates. He helps out in the classroom,  is a great leader, and a good person all around. I am very proud to have Tanner in the choir and hope others follow his example. ”  Ms. Kruze
Physical Education- Megan Benjamin - “Megan always works hard and willing to help out.  She is awesome to have in class.“  Ms. Kincaid
Science- Joey Riehl - “Joey is Shelby Junior High's Renaissance man and therefore my nominee for the Citizenship award. Some of Joey's many skills include student, friend, comedian (class clown), wrestler (athlete), and YouTuber. Joey is kind and helpful to all his peers and is reliable in the classroom, an all-around good citizen.”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies- Jazmine Preuss - “Jazmine is always willing to help at any time.  She always has a smile in her face and ready to go.  Glad she came back to Shelby.”  Ms. Kincaid