JH/HS PAWS Awards for January 2019

January PAWS Winners - Most Improved
High School
Ag Science- Bryant Mertz-  “Bryant has worked very hard this year in multiple ways. In the wrestling room, he missed very little practice. He was able to progressively get better throughout the season, he kept his grades up and lost body fat while gaining muscle mass. He lost nearly 20 lbs this season in a healthy way. This work ethic carried over into Ag Class. He always is an active participant, especially when working with parliamentary procedure and other leadership activities. He went to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN and helped fundraise to pay for the entire trip. Bryant also raises steers and heifers as part of his 4-H and FFA projects. If I ever need a helping hand, Bryant is one of the first kids I call. I’ve seen Bryant go from a docile kid in 8th grade to an assertive hard-working kid in 9th grade.“  Mr. T. White
Art- Abigale Abbott - “This year, Abigale has refused to settle for "just OK" or "just passing" in her art projects. She dug in her heels, rolled up her sleeves, and worked hard, redoing assignments again and again until she mastered the concepts. Her finished projects definitely reflect this hard work. Abigale has learned and is continuing to learn the true meaning of "If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again.“  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education- Brianna Hurley - “Brianna, who is always very helpful,  is becoming a very responsible student as when she finishes her work, then she starts studying for her other classes.  Her time-management skills are helping her become an even better student.”  Ms. O'Brien
English- Skylar Bake -  “Skyler Bake has been such an asset in her English classes.  She is always willing to participate and comes to class prepared.  She has a positive attitude and sets high expectations for herself, and we are glad to have her in our classes.” Ms. Calvery &  Mr. Tokerud
English- Dillon Luly- “I am proud to see Dillon working hard this year and making improvements in his preparedness for class and his willingness to take on a challenge in AP Language.  Dillon is exceptionally aware of the students and teachers around him, and he often helps people out. I appreciate his smile and positive outlook life.”  Ms. Calvery
Math- Kendall Anderson- “Kendall is my most improved students for January.  Her persistence and patience while learning math is very impressive. She's very hard working and getting all the activities done even on her busy schedule.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music- Jackson Appley-  ”Jackson has worked hard since late August learning to play various styles of music on the drumset. He is continuing to learn more every day and improve his skills in jazz band and pep band.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Joseph Mischel -  “Joseph is a hardworking student who comes in each day and competes.  He works hard in the weight room as well as the gym in trying to better himself!”  Mr. M. White
Science- Jackson Appley -  “Jackson has improved his academic attitude and grade, and has an increasing interest in Biology.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies- Avery Hoover- “Avery's drive and motivation has kicked in.  She has had a renewed sense of interest, involvement, and resiliency that has greatly impressed me.”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science- Ryan Simpson-  “Ryan went from a shy and quiet 7th grader to a leader amongst his peers in 8th grade. He is currently serving as the 2nd Vice President in the JH FFA. He was elected to this position. He comes to all of the meetings and is an active member in decision-making for the chapter. Ryan, as an individual, recently placed 8th out of 23 kids at the Fergus Mechanics Contest. His team placed 1st partly due to his efforts.  Ryan is a happy-go-lucky kid with a bright future ahead of him. “ Mr. T. White
Art- Connar Miller - “Connar has made great strides not only in improving his artwork but also has begun to develop a successful approach to getting his work done. It has been my pleasure to watch Connar discover that he is good at ceramics, and to also witness how much time and effort he puts into his projects to make them just right.”  Ms. Aspensen
English- Caiden Moench - “Caiden has worked really hard this year and his efforts have been paying off. His grades and quality of work have really improved.“  Ms. Hough
Math- Tanner Deeble - “Tanner has shown great improvement over the course of the semester.  He earned a 95% on the 8th grade part of his semester test.”  Ms. Griffis
Music- Cami Blevins-  “Cami has improved her clarinet skills since the beginning of the school year through hard work. This work is paying off with Cami being able to play more difficult music.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Xander Pierre - “Xander has does an excellent job in maintaining a healthy lifestyle;e inside and outside of class! He comes to work and play every day and is a joy to have around!.“ Mr. M. White
Science- Alicia Stevenson - “Alicia has made the revelation that not only is science cool but being good at it is super rad!”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies- Emily Knight- “Emily has been working very hard in History.  She has made great progress in class and I am very pleased with her work.”  Ms. Kincaid