Elem PAWS Awards for December 2018

Elementary - December PAWS Recipients
Spencer Hanson is the kindest of children. His good nature makes him a favorite among the students. He goes out of his way to share materials and toys. He offers a hug or a cuddly toy to those who are sad. He is sure to include others who may be feeling left out. Mrs. Goodan
Taylor Bykonen is the most caring little boy. He is friends with everyone. Taylor looks for ways to help others, even when it means he may go without. Thank you, Taylor, for your kind heart. Mrs. Tomsheck
Lucas Rogers is a very helpful, caring and a giving person. He’s kind to his classmates and does whatever he can help to be successful. He is a huge help in our classroom! He is always the first to offer help to those who are having a hard time reading. You can always count on Lucas to be a helping hand to the teachers and her classroom friends. I’m very proud of you Lucas! Mrs. Canada
Brixton Blair is one of the sweetest boys I have ever had in class. He is ALWAYS going out of his way to share with me and the whole class. He has a heart the size of a mountain. His goal is to see everyone happy. If he comes across others who are sad, he does anything in his power to brighten their day. He is truly a role model for displaying sharing, caring and giving. I am very proud of him! Mrs. Mosley
Tel Gray is always the first one to find an opportunity to share with others or to show kindness to others around him. He is such a selfless boy! Mrs. J. Hayes
It was hard for me to pick just one this month.  The students in my room have done very well with caring, sharing and giving. Sullivan Heaton is always caring for his classmates and myself! He is always willing to help someone in need. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work with Sullivan this year!  Mrs. K. Hayes
Tanner Parsons is very thoughtful to his classmates. If he sees that a friend needs help on an assignment, he is right there offering to help. I have witnessed Tanner on several occasions go out of his way to be kind to another student, offer to help them,or just be an all around good guy. Way to go, Tanner! Mrs. Kiefer
Elena Martinez is one of the most considerate students I know.  She is always mindful of others and shows thoughtfulness by sharing any of her supplies, she is caring because she makes sure everyone has a turn or looks to see if a student needs a spot in line.  She definitely gives respect to all and gives her time in making sure everyone is being included.  What a generous girl! Mrs. White
Adellia McLeod is very caring and kind to her classmates.  She supports her classmates not only in academic matters but also in any other way she can.  Way to go, Adellia! Mrs.Wiederrick
Regan McCants is very caring and kind. She is very helpful to her classmates and respectful to everyone. Regan is very supportive of her classmates and always has an encouraging word for someone having a difficult time. Regan shares her time, her school supplies, her knowledge, and anything else that might help another person. Way to go, Regan! Mrs. Koschmeder
Dylan Clark is sharing, caring and a giving student.  He is willing to give others his items, his help, and especially encouragement.  Dylan’s words and actions speak volumes about his integrity. Dylan is a perfect student to give this award to in December, the month of giving to others! Mrs. Rewerts
Shimmery Haight is a very thoughtful young lady.  She is quick to share if someone needs anything.  She never has an unkind word about her classmates.  She is also considerate of others’ feelings.  She is a great example of “sharing, caring and giving!” Mrs. Taylor
Kayla Deeble is one of the most thoughtful students I have ever had in my classroom. She constantly thinks of others before herself. She gives of her time and gives from the heart to both staff and students. If someone is in need of supplies or other items in the classroom, Kayla is willing to give it to them. Kayla shows how much she cares by giving and sharing throughout the entire year. Mr. Buck
Kaylynn Seymour does a great job of sharing, caring, and giving. She is always considerate of the way other people are feeling and is always willing to share with others in need. Great work Kaylynn! Mr. Hayes
Serenity Sydenstricker is very caring to her classmates during the walking program. If someone needs a friend to walk with, she is always happy to walk with them. Mrs. Clark & Mr. Reynolds - Walking Program
Cobey Smith is always ready to help others in their reading assignments. He is so caring to his friends and to me. Merry Christmas, Cobey! Mrs. Doane
Layla Atherton is always willing to help her classmates with their assignments even if she knows the answer she will help them figure it out, thanks for being a kind friend Layla Merry Christmas!! Mrs. Perry
Brielle Hurley is always respectful and a kind friend in the lunchroom!! Cafeteria Staff
Bella White is very respectful and always ready to help others. She is thoughtful, caring to the others around her in music, and a pleasure to have in class. Thank you for being kind and caring. Keep singing! Mr. Gruber & Miss Cruze
Lindy Kiefer is an extremely caring and giving student.  She is quick to help out in the library even before she is asked even after school she gives extra time helping younger students. Mrs. Reynolds
Whatever we’re doing in class Preslee Flesch is very caring and quick to show empathy. Mr. Reynolds
Aly Rohlf is the sweetest little girl. She cares for everyone in the room and is always looking out for her friends. She is very aware of her surroundings and is always looking for ways to be helpful. She cares for her friends and teachers and wants to help them as much as possible. Mr. Erickson
Richard Banta demonstrates caring, loving and sharing for his classmates and teacher by being a great helper. He volunteers support even in small things like assisting somebody in the computer or asking the teacher if she needs any help. Thank you for being kind, Richard! Mrs. Manda
Kaiden Pedersen is a very caring young man. He wants to help others and share with them whatever he might have to give. Kaiden likes to see his friends and family happy. Kaiden gives to others whenever he is able, even if it is a “Good Morning” or a smile in the hallway. I am very proud of you Kaiden. Mrs. Finch