JH/HS PAWS Awards for December 2018

December PAWS Winners - Best Student
High School
Ag Science- Ben Aklestad-  “Ben is currently serving as the FFA Reporter. He is goal-oriented and determined to start his FFA career off right. Ben is the top seller of jerky sticks and earned himself an FFA jacket. In the classroom, Ben is a leader and always is willing to be an active participant. He has an interest in agriculture and all of the opportunities in the agricultural world.“  Mr. T. White
Art- Jahna Welker- “Jahna is the most artistically gifted and talented student I've ever seen in my twelve years of teaching high school students. Although the preponderance of evidence now suggests that talent is primarily a myth and that it is really hard work and practice that result in excellent artistic skills, Jahna does seem to have a natural gift for seeing the world around her in ways that other people do not. She sees details that others overlook, and finds beauty in things that others would not. If that were not enough, she is also extremely disciplined and hardworking. She applies herself to the pursuit and practice of art every single day, all day. She finds ways to incorporate her love of art into everything that she does. If it were possible to transfer this to my other students virally, I would have her spread it around like fairy dust. Additionally, there is a preponderance of research that is largely ignored that proves that immersion in the arts positively affects performance in other areas of academics, and Jahna is the living proof of that. She defies any stereotypes surrounding art and artists that suggest that art is what one does when one can't do anything else. Jahnas grades in all of her classes are outstanding, and her character is impeccable. Jahna is an amazing student and it is my privilege to be her teacher.“  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education- James Waters- “James comes into class with a willingness to learn, a cheerful and positive attitude, and ready to help others. He is a talented code writer who accepts the challenges of self-discipline and perseverance. It is a pleasure to see James every day.”  Ms. O'Brien
English- Damon Irvin-  “I appreciate Damon’s attitude, consistency, preparedness.  He has an outstanding ability to reason and articulate through speaking and writing, and recently his infomercial on Fracking was well done.  I have seen him grow in his ability to analyze ideas on an analytical level. He is willing to work with anyone in his class and often challenges their ideas respectfully.  He also adds an element of humor to class and often reminds me that even though he has once been tardy, he ran in the parking lot to get to English as fast as he could. I’m glad to have Damon in my class this year.”  Ms. Calvery
Math- Emma Taylor- “Emma Taylor is my best student in Math.  She's been consistent since day 1 in my Math 1-2 Honors class.  She's very responsible and she's getting better and better each day.”  Mr. Pastrana
Music- Hannah Nelson-  ”Hannah Nelson is a dedicated choir member who works hard constantly. She is always trying to improve her part, her section and the choir as a whole. Hannah is willing to share her knowledge with others so they to can improve.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Jackson Appley - “Jackson is a solid student and person! He leads by example and knows when to step up provide vocal leadership.  Jackson is always willing to help a classmate when needed!”  Mr. M. White
Physical Education- Vivi McDermott - “Vivi does an exceptional job in helping others! She always has a smile on her face and willing to step in and provide leadership!“ Mr. M. White
Science- Skyler Martin-  “Skyler is a hard-working student who strives to be the best at whatever she attempts.  The best attribute she has is that she works on the skills she isn't as good at until she achieves success.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies- Raven Olson- “Her grasp and understanding of the social studies is remarkable and nearly matches her desire to learn about the social studies.”  Ms. Moylan
Social Studies- Briton Bunnell/Justin Nieman- “In a class full of scholars Briton and Justin shine like Gemini's Castor and Pollux. Frequently absent due to extracurriculars, their assignments are always turned in and usually semi-prompt! They lead the class in discussions and always provide succinct and well thought out points of view.”  Mr. Lee
Junior High
Ag Science-Jori Clary-  “Jori is a hard-working kid that loves to weld and be in the shop. She is one of the lead welders on a major class project. Not only does she like to weld, but she is also very good at it. She is assertive in the classroom and very willing to learn. Jori also serves as the JH FFA Vice President. She always seems to be in a good mood which resonates through her peers.“ Mr. T. White
Art- Anna Aklestad - “Anna is the most exceptional middle school student I have ever had, and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes in high school! She is the whole package: kind, caring, funny, helpful, reliable, AND outstanding grades in all of her classes. She is a joy and a pleasure to teach, and it is my privilege to have her in my class.”  Ms. Aspensen
English- Randon Richman- “Randon Richman works hard in class and is always prepared. He strives for the best education possible even when it is difficult or time-consuming work. His projects always reflect his curiosity and desire to excel.“  Ms. Hough
Math- Cianna Mellinger- “Cianna is constantly trying to improve herself in math, she comes after school on her own, redo's her assignments and tests, and is willing to challenge herself and enroll in the 8th grade honors math class next semester.”  Ms. Griffis
Music- Delaney Clark-  “Delaney Clark comes to either band or choir class ready to work. She is always making improvements in her musical skills and wants to see the ensembles do their best. ”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Kaden Haight- “Kaden works hard every day in P.E.  He is always willing to get equipment out and put it away.  He is amazing.“ Ms. Kincaid
Science- Emerson Hoover- “Emerson is my dark horse Thomas Edison of 8th-grade science. She has an ever-present smile, amazing positive attitude, and seemingly never quits or gets discouraged when working on projects and assignments even when faced with overwhelming confusion. Combining all of those attributes she is a classical scientist in that she tries again and again until she finds success.”  Mr. Lee
Social Studies- Madi House- “Madi has worked so hard this year.  She stays on top of her assignments and has been studying for every test.  Very impressed with her work ethic.”  Ms. Kincaid