JH/HS PAWS Awards for November 2018

November PAWS Winners - Best Peer
High School
Ag Science- Jackie Stratton- “Jackie has evolved to be an outstanding member of our school and FFA chapter. She is currently serving as the chapter's Historian. Jackie is a leader in many ways. Her best attribute is her willingness to try everything. She participates in everything that makes her feel uncomfortable just so she can say she tried it or to get better at things that might intimidate her. She is always in a good mood and has a laugh that will light up a room and make you feel welcome. She works hard at everything she does and is a great kid.“  Mr. T. White
Art- Keenan Marsicano- “Keenan has experienced many setbacks and faces many challenges that can make it very difficult to show up and do what he needs to do. Despite this, he keeps showing up, and keeps showing up, and keeps showing up. He continues to try and never gives up. That is the fundamental makeup of a winner who will eventually be successful at whatever he wants to do in life.“  Ms. Aspensen 
Business Education- Baylen Moss- “Baylen listens actively, participates in class, and gets his assignments done on time. Even though he is busy with a part-time job and participating in choir events, he is always pleasant and prepared. Keep up the good work, Baylen!”  Ms. O'Brien
English- Nick Kuster- “Nick has worked very hard in AP Language this year. I am extremely impressed with the tenacity he demonstrates while completing and then rewriting his practice timed writings.  Nick's character is admirable, as he is willing to push himself academically without complaining- and often times with contagious humor. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Nick's determination and grit.”  Ms. Calvery
Math- Skyler Martin- “Skyler has stepped outside her comfort zone to help a young man stay on task in math.”  Ms. Griffis
Music- Kimmy Riehl- “Kimmy is a choir member who always wants to make sure she learns her parts the best she can. She always wants to do her best and for the choir to sound the best it can.”  Mr. Gruber
Physical Education- Mary Sanchez- “Mary continually shows Grit and take charge attitude every day.  She rarely has to be told to do something, she rather just gets it done! Great job Mary! - Proud of you!“ Mr. M. White
Science- Clara Waters- “Clara works hard to keep up on her classes even though she suffers migraines frequently.  She is always kind to others.”  Ms. Tokerud
Social Studies- Brittany Hanson- “Brit never fails to make it known her passion and motivation for her long-term goals. Her ability to move through the tough and challenging with grace and determination is nearly unrivaled. ”  Ms. Moylan
Junior High
Ag Science- Connar Miller- “Connar shows a lot of grit and perseverance in and out of the classroom. He has an advanced ability to weld and a unique ability to fabricate. Connar is a leader among his classmates in that he jumps in to finish projects with confidence. Currently, Connar is constructing a 16' dual axle trailer as part of the class. This is a monumental feat for an 8th grader. He does get help from his peers but he is the lead architect and welder on the project. Connar is an excellent horseman and helps on his family's farm and ranch.“ Mr. T. White
Art- Kyle McDermott- Kyle never gives up when he finds a task difficult. He keeps asking questions and keeps working harder to get it right.”  Ms. Aspensen
English- Caiden Moench- “Writing and Language Arts do not come easily to Caiden, but he pushes himself and tackles every assignment with determination. His perseverance and tenacity are to be admired.“  Ms. Hough
Math- Jori Clary- “Her strong will and perseverance in Math is exemplary.  She tries and tries until she finally gets it.”  Mr. Pastrana 
Music- Cianna Mellinger- “Cianna never gives up on trying to make choir a better experience for everyone. She is persistent in trying to encourage the other students to try their best, and give it their all. She loves choir and really tries to encourage everyone else to love it too. ”  Ms. Cruze
Physical Education- Ryan Simpson- “Ryan is a pleasure to have in class, he works hard and does not complain - his continued focus on getting better is evident as he continues to shine every day!“ Mr. M. White
Science- Megan Benjamin- “Nothing shows grit and perseverance more than her determination and work ethic. Megan is one of the hardest working kids in middle school science.  This kid won't let anything get in her way!“  Mr. Lee
Social Studies- Faith Robinson- “Faith works very hard to get all of her work done.  She tries her hardest every day.”  Ms. Kincaid