Elementary PAWS Awards for November 2018

November - Work Hard
Rainbow Cartwright works hard each day. She spends her day perfecting her seat work and art projects until they are complete. She is always willing to try anything without complaint.
Brinlee Flesch works hard all the time. She listens to all the directions and makes sure her assignment matches the directions given. If she has to go back and fix something, she does right away and works until it is right. She loves to learn and her work shows it. Thank you for your hard work Brinlee!
Brielle Hurley is a very hardworking student. She never fails to turn in homework all the time. She can finish her tasks and table-top activities ahead of time. If she doesn’t understand something, she works incredibly hard to try to understand. If she makes mistakes on her work, she corrects it on her own and turns it back in. She puts in so much effort to read a lot of books. I’m very happy that she is in my class because she is a very good role model. You’re awesome, Brielle!
Kolben Aikins is a very hardworking student. He works hard throughout the whole day on his school work and showing PAWS. I am proud of all the hard work Kolben puts into learning. He is a star student. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of you!
J. Hayes
Trent Vigus works hard on a daily basis. He does his best no matter what! If he doesn’t understand something, he will ask questions and continues to work hard until he does. He is always positive and never gives up. Thanks for all the hard work Trent! 
K. Hayes
Benson Haight works very hard in our class!  Benson always works hard to listen during the lessons.  He gets right to work on the independent work and completes it accurately and nicely.  He is a very positive student.  Keep up the good work Benson!
Riley Gowdy is a very hard worker. She gets right to work on any assignments and tries very hard to get everything done correctly. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she will come and ask and work with the teacher until she completely understands. Since the beginning of the year, it has been very fun to watch Riley turn into a very successful third-grade student. 
Corin Scarborough is a top-notch worker! He is very diligent in all of his school work and tasks as well as he puts in great effort so that he completes it correctly.  He always makes sure to ask what else is needed to do, he is very helpful in showing others how to do the next step in directions if needed, and he comes to school every day with an open and positive attitude! He is definitely a role model for hard work!  Thanks for being you Corin, so proud!
Hadley Clary is such a hard worker.  She always has her work completed, neatly and correctly, and makes sure that she studies for all of her tests.  She works hard to be the best 4th-grade student that she can be.  I’m proud of you, Hadley!
Braden Deeble is a very hard worker. He always puts in his best effort. He takes great pride in himself and his work. He makes sure his work is turned in each day and done in his best handwriting. Braden is a great role model for showing others how to work hard!
Clara Blonde is a very diligent worker.  She completes her work to the very best of her ability.  She is always prepared and ready for the next lesson.  Her work ethic is one that stands out.  Way to work hard Clara!!!
Jadis Scarborough works hard every day.   She always tries to do her best and turns in her assignments on time.  She also works hard at showing PAWS every day.  She is a great example of hard work!  
Penelope Heaton works hard in every activity and class. She always turns her work in on time. She asks questions when she doesn’t understand something. Penelope deserves to be recognized for her work ethic.
Z. Hayes
Tyler Hansen works hard every day in class. He is always getting his work turned in on time. Tyler does a great job of being a great example of a hard worker. Great work Tyler!
Walking Teachers
Cael Blevins runs hard every day. He is the first in line and does rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first. He is a good sport whether he wins or loses.
4-6 Title
Thomas has worked very hard on his multiplication math facts. He is dedicated to improving and reaching his goals. His goal is to become proficient and move on to higher level learning.  Nice job Thomas and way to work hard!
Gruber & Cruze
Dylan Clark has worked very hard in both band and choir this year. We are very proud to see all the improvements he has made in his singing and playing. He is dedicated and respectful in the classroom, we hope he keeps up the great work.
W. Reynolds
Zoey Fisher has been working really hard on her reading.  Not only has she branched out to nonfiction books, but she is also pushing herself to start beginning chapter books. If she has to reread something she doesn’t even hesitate and comes back with a better understanding of the book.  She is also working very hard to control when she talks. Thanks for the effort and the hard work!
Aly Stansell works hard in my weekly counseling class. She doesn’t simply complete the work I ask the class to do but does her task very thoughtfully. 
I love how Rayden Gonzaga speaks respectfully to teachers and classmates. He comes into class and gets to work.  His keyboarding is fast and also accurate, which means his hard work and concentration has paid off. He makes it easy to be his teacher!
T. Reynolds
Marshall Richman always shows up with a great attitude and ready to go to work.  He is definitely a hard worker!
Orion Cresswell continues to work hard every day!! She always comes in and gets right to work. She enjoys school and likes to complete as much as possible each day. Orion works hard to complete her assignments and loves getting new work. 
Ty Parsons shows a lot of effort in the things he does. He would ask for help if he doesn’t understand and tries to finish his work on time. He also asks about the details of his assignments that he needs to do at home.
A quiet but studious, hard-working student is our newcomer:  Brant Blonde. In the classroom, he gets right down to business.  He never quits, he keeps pushing himself and looks for solutions until he gets his work completed successfully.  Out of the classroom, he shows kindness and is very helpful.  In his free time, he has two passions, which he has proved to be a determined reader and writer.   Thank you for being a conscientious and hardworking student!  Our school is lucky to have you here!