Elementary PAWS Awards for October 2018

Jacoby Snoeck shows grit each day in class. He is willing to persevere in each task that he is asked to do. He works very hard to perfect his seatwork, handwriting, and art activities. He is an exceptional spokesperson for grit!
Bennett Keyser is a great example of grit. He perseveres through any tasks given to him. He never complains when he has to do something over. Even when he is not sure how to complete a task he gives it his all and tries his best. He is an “I think I can machine”. Great Job Bennett! 
Bridger Ergenbright shows grit every day. Even when she has to go back and fix a mistake, she does it without one complaint. I’m very proud of her because she works hard to get her work completed accurately and nicely. She is also very motivated to reach her reading goal and be the best reader in class. Way to go, Bridger!
Ava Lamb shows grit every day in my classroom. She works very hard at handing in work that is done correctly and if she is ever asked to fix something, she goes back to her desk and fixes it with determination and a positive attitude. Ava has been working very hard to read A.R. books and take tests on her own. With her grit and never giving up, she has been able to take tests on her own and pass them. Keep up the amazing work. I am extremely proud of your grit, you are definitely a role model!
J. Hayes
Connor Thornton is a hardworking student. He never gives up, instead, he smiles and continues to work extra hard to complete a task. He is not afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Connor shows GRIT on a daily basis! Way to go Connor!! 
K. Hayes
Mikey Seymour is my choice for the grit award!  Mikey works very hard on getting his work done.  He always does his best and never gives up if something is difficult for him.  He has a very “determined” attitude!  I am proud of you Mikey!  Mrs. Hayes
Nessa Pedersen shows grit each day in class by working very hard and not giving up. If she doesn’t understand something, she will sit down and figure it out without complaining that she doesn’t understand. She has beautiful handwriting, excellent stories that she writes, and outstanding reading and math abilities because she tries VERY hard and does not give up. 
Amelia Clarke comes to school every day with a smile, a positive attitude, and the goal to GIVE it her ALL! She is a very hard worker and takes her time to do the task right.  The best part is she never gives up! She will redo her work if she needs too, she asks questions and is open to trying different ways to solve problems.  This girl definitely has GRIT!  So proud of you Amelia!  
Regan Torgerson shows grit every day in the 4th grade.  She deals with a serious disease quietly, efficiently and without making a fuss.  She doesn’t let anything get her down.  I’m so proud of you Regan!
Serenity Sydenstricker earns my nomination for grit. She works hard every day and puts in her very best effort. If Serenity gets something wrong, she is happy to fix it and learn how to do it correctly. Serenity learns from her mistakes, which is a habit of a great learner. Serenity does all this will a smile on her face and a wonderful attitude. I’m so proud of you!
Addie Richmond shows GRIT every day.  She brings her best efforts to school on a daily basis.  Her efforts are outstanding and she strives to be her best in all areas.  She is a joy to have in class and is a great role model.  Keep it up, Addie!
Shia Petersen shows grit in my classroom.  He works hard to get his assignments finished.  If he doesn’t understand, or something is difficult, he continues to do his best.
Cooper Anderson is my nomination for the student that shows the most grit. Cooper has overcome many instances this year where he has persevered through the situation. Whether that was redoing an assignment or test that he didn’t do as well as he wanted, or making up homework from days he has missed, Cooper always works hard to see it through. There is no greater accomplishment than seeing things through, and Cooper does this every time he is asked. Great job, Cooper!
Z. Hayes
James Knickerbocker does a great job of showing grit. He consistently works to do his best work all of the time. If he doesn’t do his best work he finds a way to correct that and grow. Keep up the good work James!!
Walking Teachers
Clara Blonde shows grit every day during the walking program. She is new to our school this year and from the first day of school, she has run the entire distance around the school. She never complains and always works hard.
Trevor Tustian is always prompt. He is self-motivated and motivates others. He comes in ready to work and is always pleasant.  He models the grit he has to complete his assignments.
Back Recess Teachers
Ryan shows Grit on the playground at all of his recesses. He is always very helpful, cleans up the playground, and helps others. Ryan is considerate of other students. He plays all different games on the playground and makes a point to play with many different kids to make them feel part of the activity. I have nothing but great things to say about him on the playground. Keep up the hard work!
Cafeteria Staff
Ginger Seifert shows Grit in the lunchroom by helping others and reminding them not to give up when things get hard. Nice job Ginger!
Gruber & Cruze
Victoria Carlisle shows Grit every day in music. Sometimes when we are working on a difficult piece she is the first to start encouraging others not to give up so easily. She works hard every day and tries to correct any mistake that she may have made. She never gives up and does her best most of the time, or she will brainstorm on ways she could do better. During a game, such as Freeze Dance, if she gets knocked down, she gets up again and moves on. Nothing stops her from trying her best.
W. Reynolds
Leland Postma has shown GRIT over the last five years! Sometimes things are hard and haven’t gone his way, but in the library, we have not changed our expectations. This year Leland’s grit has paid off as we are noticing what a great “library success story” he really is. Not only has he figured out how to utilize the library, but we also notice him helping out his classmates. Keep up the hard work!
Kayla Deeble shows grit by focusing on her work and pushing herself to do well. Her keyboarding scores are beautiful - five stars in almost every lesson. She spends her time in class listening, learning new skills, and practicing what she has learned to get better. Super job, Kayla!
T. Reynolds
Jocelyn Pedersen epitomizes the meaning of GRIT. She works hard regardless of what is going on. Her attitude is always upbeat and ready to take on the next challenge. I really admire her grit and fortitude. 
Adrian Michaud has shown GRIT day in and day out. She is always willing to learn and continues to improve her skills. Adrian does a great job of working on her own and always moving forward. Adrian is a joy to work with, and always has a great attitude. Thanks for being so awesome!!
Kaylynn Seymour works determinedly at every task given to her. She would not complain even when she sometimes needs to do some tasks again. She has shown grit in the way she does her work every day. Way to go, Kaylynn!
Ryder Kaneff has shown GRIT since the first day of Kindergarten. Ryder was nervous to come to school because he didn’t know what to expect. Each day, with a little bit of encouragement from Mrs. Finch and Mrs. Goodan, he had the courage to try. Before long, Ryder was coming to school every morning with a smile on his face, ready to learn and have fun with classmates. I am so proud of you Ryder for never giving up!