Elem PAWS Students for May

PAWS Students of the Month for May - Most Improved


Kindergarten- Mrs. Goodan
Ava Lamb has improved immensely this year. She has learned letter names, sounds, and how to read! She can do addition and subtraction easily! She is a kind and giving friend to everybody.

Kindergarten- Mrs. Tomsheck
Lilly Bleecker has worked so hard this year. She works to follow PAWS, and accept responsibility without argument. I am proud of her. Amazing job Lilly!

1st Grade- Mrs. Mosley
Arianna Watson has come so far since the beginning of the year. She has worked hard at following the rules and doing what she is told the first time. She is now consistently listening to adults. I am very impressed with the progress she has made. I am so proud of her. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

1st Grade- Mrs. Canada
Rainna Gowdy has improved so much since the beginning of the year. She worked so hard with her reading. She made improvements with her behavior and is doing her very best to show PAWS all of the time. I’m so proud of you, Rainna!

2nd Grade- Mrs. J. Hayes
Gregory Ahmels is a hard-working student. He has learned to be more active in his learning and has improved as an all-around student, way to go Gregory!

2nd Grade- Mrs. K. Hayes
Layla Atherton has worked hard this year to be the best she can be. She has become an awesome student. Improving being responsible has been her greatest accomplishment this year. I am very proud of the student she has become!

3rd Grade- Mrs. Kiefer
I have had the pleasure of teaching Victoria Carlisle for the last two years. She has become quite a great student over the last two years, especially this year. She never gives up, tries extra hard each week to pass her spelling words ( they are actually grade 5 spelling words!) and she ALWAYS turns in all of her assignments. Victoria has had some challenges along the way and always accepts those challenges with grace and moves on and tries even harder. I am very proud of this little girl. And by the way, you ROCKED that social studies test with that 100%.

3rd Grade- Mrs. White
Madison Crowell had 2 challenges once she moved here: 1st.) being able to be flexible & change to new routines/classes, new teachers, friends & places and 2nd) trying to raise her grades while working on managing her behavior. She has succeeded in both: She is on the Honor Roll with her homework and her school behavior along with her attitude has greatly improved. Even though there were days with 2 steps back 1 step forward, she continued to start each day trying again. Very Proud of you Madison! The girl has GRIT!

4th Grade- Mrs. Koschmeder
Kamaria Celander has improved so much from the beginning of the year. She has learned how to study hard. She enjoys seeing the results, her good grades, from all her hard work. Her attitude and willingness to keep going even when she doesn't succeed has greatly improved over the year. Way to go, Kamaria! I'm so proud of you!

4th Grade Miss Wiederrick
Wayne Caffrey has worked hard to improve his grades and work ethic. He has learned to study and to view grades as important. Wayne has been blessed with a warm, loving personality and now he has the work ethic to go with it. Way to go, Wayne!

5th Grade- Mr. Buck
Trevor Tustian has worked very hard this year in all areas. He has improved academically and socially throughout the year. He has learned to persevere when things become difficult. Trevor has been a joy to work with throughout the entire year. Good luck Trevor!

5th Grade-Mr. Hayes
Ryland Larson has earned the Most Improved Award out of my classroom this year. Ryland moved back into our school system this year and has been a great addition. He has made leaps and bounds of improvement in his behavior and academics. One of Ryland’s greatest qualities is being able to persevere through his struggles, whether that be out on the playground, in the lunchroom, or with his school work. He understands that there are going to be times where he fails, but he also knows that success will always follow if he keeps working hard. Ryland has done a phenomenal job this year and will continue to improve as an all-around great student.

6th Grade- Ms. Rewerts
Anna Aklestad and Kyle McDermott. Anna and Kyle were nominated because they improved the most on their star and I ready tests. Their growth this year has impressed me and will benefit them on their next journey in JR High. Side Note: All my kids improved but I don't have enough room!

Mrs. Manda
Ryliena Bullshoe has improved so much this year. She started attending my class in the middle of the school year but she worked really hard in her reading. She's very responsible for finishing all her tasks on time.

Sylis Bleeker has improved so much in his behavior and following procedures.

Amelia Clarke has improved so much in her musical ability this year. She has shown a great amount of growth in identifying notes, decoding rhythmic patterns, and matching pitch. It's been a pleasure to work with her this year. She has shown positive behavior in class each day and has an eagerness to learn more. Way to go Amelia, and keep up the musical work.

Chris Parra has improved so much this school year! He has learned how to control his body and emotions in the library. He is a team player and an excellent reader! He worked so hard with his reading this year and has come so far that he reached the goals that were set for him. Way to go, Chris!