Elem PAWS Students for March

March PAWS Students in the Elementary
Ms. Goodan - Sean Kincaid is always ready to go with the proper materials for any task he is asked to do. He serves as a role model to other students by showing them what it looks like to be prompt and prepared.
Ms. Tomsheck - Morgan Riphenburg is always ready to go. She hears an instruction and without hesitation she gets ready. She knows the classroom routine and is already getting ready before I even ask. Great job Morgan!
Ms. Mosley - Rowen Russell is always prepared for everything she does. She hands in her homework every day, along with any other notes or forms that need to be handed in. Throughout the day she is prepared for every task that is asked of her. Since she is always prepared, she consistently gets her work done on time and is an excellent role model for everyone in the class. I am very proud of her!
Ms. Canada - Trenton Fugle is always prepared! He turns in every morning his folders. He is good about cleaning his locker and desk before leaving. He didn't miss any homework since the school started. Also, he is ready with his supplies needed to complete tasks in the classroom. Good job, Trent!
Ms. J. Hayes - Logan Combs is always ready for the day. He is prepared for the day with a pencil and anything he might need to show he is ready to learn!
Ms. K. Hayes - Cael Blevins is always prepared for class. He is very good about getting his backpack unpacked in the morning and having his books and supplies ready to go for the day. Being prepared helps make Cael an excellent student!
Ms. Kiefer - Adellia McLeod is a great example of a prepared student. She does all of her homework and then some each night. Adellia has no late assignments and is always prepared with the necessary supplies for class. She studies for her weekly tests and always does very well because she prepares herself for doing her best. Great job, Adellia! You are doing a great job!
Ms. White - Leland Postma has definitely come prepared for school. In the last 84 days, he has not had 1 late assignment, in addition, he always had his daily supplies. In doing so, his grades have soared! Being prepared has definitely been a key to Leland's academic success! Congrats, kid! You've earned it!
Ms. Koschmeder - Kamaria Celander is always prepared! She makes sure she has her homework done and ready to turn in each morning. Each day, she brings all the materials needed to be successful. Kamaria studies for tests and has learned that studying hard is the best way to be successful in school. Way to go, Kamaria!
Ms. Wiederrick - Payton Gray is always prepared for the day. He always has his homework done, his books with him, and his supplies ready.
Mr. Buck - Cade Hadford-Alexander is always prepared. He knows what subject will be next and makes sure that he has all of the necessary materials to be successful.
Ms. Rewerts - Shakia Patterson comes each day prepared for class. She completes her homework and makes a conscientious effort to hand it in. She is prepared and organized to add to her success. Way to go Shakia!!
Ms. Eme - Richard Banta comes to class prepared with his things on hand. He also takes the effort to prepare his homework early and submit them on time.
Ms. Mae - Adrian Michaud always comes to class ready to do work. She remembers the routines when doing transitions and she reminds her classmates to be prepared before going to the other work center.
Walking Program - Michelle Celander is always dressed appropriately and ready to go for walking program.
Mr. Reynolds - Anna Aklestad comes to P.E. prepared to get to work...she is always the first one out of the locker room!
Ms. Cruze - Bella Moss is ALWAYS prepared to sing. She works hard and shows me she is ready by quickly setting up her chair with her folder in hand. She shows she is prepared for the next song by having good posture, and music ready. By also having a positive attitude she is prepared for whatever comes her way. Keep it up!
Ms. Reynolds - Quinnlyn Barker works hard to be prepared in the library. She's prepared for AR tests and checking out by having the right materials and she's prepared for her class library time by coming in and being ready to work. She's also prepared by having a focused and positive attitude. Way to go, Quinnlyn!