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Securing Shelby Public School District Facilities

March 17, 2018, Update: Securing Shelby Public School District Facilities
At 9 AM Shelby Administration met with the Toole County Sheriff’s Office and the South Toole County Fire Department to organize a complete sweep of both the Junior High / High School Building and the Elementary Building.  The group met on site at the Junior High / High School building at 9:30 AM to begin the sweep.  Interquest Detection K-9 Services, based in Stevensville, met authorities on site and began combing the facilities, including the building rooftops.
At 11:45 AM, the full sweep was completed and no evidence of anything suspicious was detected.
Shelby School District and the Toole County Sheriff's Office would like to again remind our community of the importance to report any threat to local law enforcement and/or a District official immediately, so we can take the necessary steps to ensure that our students are safe.
Tonight’s prom will occur as scheduled, with law enforcement present throughout the evening.  Law Enforcement will also be present on Monday when students return to school, and on Tuesday, the date specified in the threat.
If the administration and/or local law enforcement learn any more about this threat another press release will be forthcoming to keep our community informed.