Elem PAWS Students for January

January PAWS Students of the Month - ‘Positive Attitude’
Ms. Goodan, Kindergarten
Vivienne Hunt does everything she is expected to do with a genuine smile on her face. She approaches everything with a positive attitude. It doesn't matter if she is asked to redo her work, help another student, clean her work area, or any other task. She does so without a complaint and with a pleasant attitude!
Ms. Tomsheck, Kindergarten
Taylor Bykonen is positive, no matter the situation. At Recess, in the classroom or hallway, he is always smiling, no matter what! Awesome job, Taylor!
Ms. Mosley, 1st Grade
Payton Moench always has a smile on her face! She continually says positive words and shows positive actions to her teachers and classmates. She is such a joy to be around and such a happy person.
Ms. Canada, 1st Grade
Gracie Ahmels is always using positive words like, “I can fix this!” or “This might be hard, but I can do this.” She’s also doing good deeds to her friends and adults by complimenting them and showing them her best behavior and manners. Bes of all, she has a great way of communicating with others with her smile. 
Ms. J. Hayes, 2nd Grade
Paxton Flesch is always looking at the positives in every situation. Even when he is struggling with an assignment, he has a positive attitude!
Ms. K. Hayes, 2nd Grade
Kyla Calangi is always very positive about her work and attitude. She always has a wonderful smile on her face. Kyla is a great example of a positive student.
Ms. Kiefer, 3rd Grade
Eleanor Heaton is a very happy girl! She is always happy and smiling, and if someone needs cheering up, Eleanor will be right there to cheer them up. She always looks on the bright side, and does her best on anything she tries!
Ms. White, 3rd Grade
Braden Deeble looks for the good in school, kid situations, and life. He uses positive words in school like, ‘Good job!’, ‘Way to go!’ and ‘We can do this!’. He does not whine or complain- He focuses on the task and tries his best. He ALWAYS has a great big smile to start the day, and his smile usually stays on ALL day long! He definitely lifts up everyone around him so they can have a little ‘Pep in their step’, too.  
Ms. Koschmeder, 4th Grade
Meghan Lewis always displays a positive attitude. She always has a kind word for her peers, and never complains in class.
Ms. Wiederrick, 4th Grade
Parker Bushnell always has a positive attitude in class. He never complains, and always gets right to work. He is quick with a kind word for his teacher and classmates, and a ready smile.
Mr. Buck, 5th Grade
Wyatt Evans always has a positive attitude. He always has a smile on his face for anyone passing by. 
Mr. Hayes, 5th Grade
Brendan Clark always has a positive attitude in school. He is always looking for positives in everything he does. He picks his classmates up when they are down with positive words like, ‘We can do this’, and  ‘It is hard, but we can get it done’.
Ms. Rewerts, 6th Grade
Kyle McDermott has a positive attitude. He is enthusiastic throughout his school day. He is always prepared on a daily basis and is willing to help other students and me. Kyle greets his classmates and adults with a sincere greeting. He welcomes others to join his group during partner activities. This young man is always looking for a challenge. Kyle remains positive even when it gets tough! Way to go Kyle!!
Ms. ‘Eme’ Manda
Mikey Veloz has a positive attitude. He always has a smile on his face and shares good-natured jokes in class. 
Ms. ‘Mae’ Durotan
Aly Rohlf shows a positive attitude all the time. She never gets discouraged even if she has to do her work over again. She shows a good attitude for learning something new. 
Walking Program
August Aikins displayed a positive attitude by shaking hands with another student after he lost a rock-paper-scissors match to determine which class got to go to lunch first. 
Mr. Reynolds, P.E.
January is our work-out month in P.E. and Randon Richman comes in with the positive attitude that he is going to work and get something out of it. His positive attitude is contagious to others. 
Ms. Cruze, Music
Paolo Manda always enters the classroom with a positive attitude. There have been a few times when Paolo has entered the room literally saying, ‘We can do this!’
Ms. Reynolds, Library
Anna Aklestad has such a positive and happy attitude that it just brightens one’s day just to visit with her. I especially like that she said, ‘I would be just fine, even if I had to wash all of my clothes by hand.’ She is such a joy to have in class!