Elem PAWS Students for November


Shelby Elementary P.A.W.S Students of the Month for November - Working Hard
Mrs. Tomsheck - Brielle Hurley works hard all of the time. She listens to all the directions and does not stop until her task is complete. She does not complain when it becomes difficult, she perseveres and finishes. I am super proud of her persistence and her will to try anything.
Mrs. Mosley - Krystopher Evans is one of my hardest working students. He puts 100% effort into everything he does. When he is presented with a task that is difficult for him, he tries even harder and always accomplishes the task. I am very proud of him. He is a great role model for working hard!
Mrs. Canada - Grace Hemmer is a very hardworking student. She never fails to turn in her homework all the time. She can finish also her tasks and table-top activities ahead of time. When she's done, she helps her friends and has the eagerness to do I-ready or IXL. I'm very happy that she's in my class because she is a very good role model. You're awesome, Grace!
Mrs. J. Hayes - Nessa Petersen is a hardworking student who always does her best! Thank you, Nessa!
Mrs. K. Hayes - Brianna Pruess is a hard-working student. She is always on task and completes her work on time, always doing her best. I have really enjoyed being able to have Brianna in my classroom.
Mrs. Kiefer - Regan Torgerson is a very hard working girl. She puts in so much effort to read ALL the books! If she doesn't understand something she works incredibly hard to try to understand. She sets goals for herself and does not quit! Regan gets her work done in class and if she doesn't, she takes it home and does her homework on time. If she makes mistakes on her work, she corrects it on her own and turns it back in. Regan is a great example of a hard-working student! She is a great example to other students!
Mrs. White - Regan McCants is definitely a hard worker. She puts extra effort into completing her math assignments. She reads daily to complete her reading goals. She always tries to get her work done during school time, but if she has to, she will take it home and get it done there: she is a great example of self-motivation. Hard Work, Done Well, Feels Good!
Mrs. Koschmeder - Jadis Scarborough is quite a hard worker. She gives her best effort, whatever the task. She manages her time wisely. Jadis makes sure her work is done before moving on to do fun activities. Way to go Jadis!
Miss Wiederrick - Addie Richman is a hard-working student. She always completes her work, gets busy right away, and does not leave anything for the last minute.
Mr. Buck - Donald Tronson is a hard-working student. No matter what the task, Donald completes it to the best of his ability. Donald does not fail to complete assignments in every subject. He also encourages others to work hard throughout the day.
Mr. Hayes - Noah Preuss is a very hardworking student. He works hard to complete his classroom work to the best of his ability. Noah also works hard at being kind to all of his classmates.
Ms. Rewerts - Jazmine Preuss is an excellent example of a student who works hard every day in the classroom. She works hard to complete her homework to the best of her ability. She never complains and gets the job done. She perseveres even when school work is difficult. Great job Jazmine.
Mrs. Manda - Mikey Veloz is a hardworking student. He tries his best to do work given to him and makes sure he will finish his work on time.
Walking Program - James Knickerbocker works hard running every day and doesn't ask how many laps he has left.
P.E. - Kayla Deeble comes to the gym every day and is a great example of working hard.
Music - Tori Tustain gives super behavior every day, she works hard to learn her songs and does her best to help her classmates out when needed. When Tori was unsure about a section of music, she made sure to ask for help and figured it out quickly. Great job Tori, keep up the awesome work!
Library - Secret Petersen has been a great example of working hard in the library. She works hard to pass her AR tests and to reach the goals set for her.