Elem PAWS Students for October

Congratulations to the following students:

Dakota Fugle always works hard to complete tasks, even when he has to do them over and over. He shows grit by continuing to work until he has his work completed well.
Jagger Flesch is always working hard. he constantly remembers to use paws where ever he is at. He perseveres through work that is hard. Even when he has to go back a fix a mistake he does it without one complaint.
Marshall Richman never gives up on anything he is doing. He sets his mind to something and will do anything in his power to accomplish it. I applaud his dedication to seeing things through to the end!
John Jansen is really a hard worker. John works very hard to accomplish his math activities all the time. If he has to go back and fix something he does it without any complaint. John does an excellent job of working hard!
Aly Rohlf is such a hard worker. Even when things get hard she always tries her best and never gives up!
Wyatt Caffrey is a new student at our school this year. He is a very hard worker. He loves to learn and is always asking questions about the topic we are learning about. Wyatt works very hard to get his work completed accurately and nicely. He is a joy to have in my classroom!
Lex Kirby moved here from Anaconda last year. He has made so many friends and learned the rules of his new school. Lex has worked hard to make sure that he follows the rules and gets all his homework in. He goes above and beyond to do his homework and does a fabulous job. Lex is a great example of a student that has grit! :)
Hadley Clary is an example of a student who never gives up easily-she gives it her all. She is a hard worker, she always says "I'll try to do it" (even when she probably doesn't want to), she will redo if necessary and she takes the time to do it right! Hadley's got grit!
Wyatt Wallace shows grit. He works very hard. When something is hard for Wyatt, he just keeps trying until he gets it right. Way to go Wyatt!
Lindy Kiefer was diagnosed with a life-changing disease right before school started. She has not allowed this diagnosis to affect her schoolwork or her personal relationships. She is the truest example of grit I have seen.
Cooper Anderson is new to our schools this year. He has a desire to learn and is willing to put in the effort to work on a job until it is done right!
Sierra Bykonen shows grit every day in math. Even when she is struggling to learn a concept she continues to persevere and figure out how to understand the concept being learned. Sierra does an excellent job of never giving up.
Cadense Peterson shows his grit every day. He comes to school with the attitude he is going to do his very best even when it becomes difficult. He continues to work until his work is complete even if it takes longer. He returns to school with work done on a daily basis. Way to go Cadense!
Rhian Olsen Despite her physical struggles, she does her day-to-day tasks. Even walking through the hallway is no walk in the ballpark for her, but she puts in the daily work/exercises. She wills herself and powers through, day in and day out. I'd like to commend Rhian Olsen for her grit!
John Jansen is a hardworking student, especially in Reading. He tries and tries until he gets it right.
Bryce Busby shows grit by running his best always, even when he's tired!
Donnie Tronson - when things aren't going right he works hard and never gives up.
Wayne Caffrey is a hard worker in music classes and shows grit by giving it his all every day. When sight reading, Wayne focuses on the music and continues to try even if he made a mistake. Keep up the great work!
Jacob Hansen works hard to stay focused and get his job done. He is motivated to become a good reader and gives all he's got even when it's difficult. He shows true "first grader" grit!