Elem PAWS Students for September

September's PAWS Students exhibited "Respect" this month
Ms. Goodan - Bridger Egernbright is always respectful and kind to teachers and peers.
Ms. Tomsheck - Bella White always follows class rules and is respectful to every adult and student she sees, whether she is in the classroom or around the school and playground.
Ms. Mosley - Brayden Becker is a very respectful young man. He always says yes mam when he is asked to do something and remembers to say please and thank you. He also consistently remembers to raise his hand before speaking. I am very proud of him!
Ms. Canada - Brian Hodges is very respectful all the time. He raises his hand to get permission to speak. He also respects the opinions of his friends in the classroom. He also says please and thank you to teachers and friends. He is awesome!
Ms. J. Hayes - Tanner Parsons is very well behaved.  He is a diligent, hard worker.  When he is finished with one activity, he waits quietly for the next direction or gets out his book to read.
Ms. K. Hayes - Scarlett Colburn is a very respectful student.  She always raises her hand when wanting to answer a question or share about something.  Scarlett uses her best manners, saying please and thank you to her classmates and teachers.  Scarlett is a great student!
Ms. Keifer - Elly McDermott has wonderful manners. She is very respectful to others and always uses kind words.She is very respectful of her teachers and friends.
Ms. White - Riley Kincaid uses good manners, is very considerate to the feelings of others, problem solves peacefully and follows the Golden Rule. She is a wonderful role model in our school.
Ms. Koschmeder - Jasmine Hodges is kind and respectful to everyone.  She is wonderful at helping others and being the best student she can be!
Ms. Wiederrick - Addison Stevenson is always respectful, both to her teachers and to her classmates.
Mr. Buck - Penelope Heaton is always respectful to classmates, teachers and other staff. She works hard to make sure everyone feels her respect.
Mr. Z. Hayes - Parker Parsons is always polite/respectful to his teachers and classmates. He does a great job of treating others the way he would like to be treated.
Ms. Rewerts - Kaden Haight is always respectful to his teachers and classmates.  He sets a great example of being respectful by raising his hand, listening in class, and using his manners. 
Ms. Manda - Lanie Fyall always shows respect to her classmates and her teachers. She raises her hand when she wants to speak to the teacher or when she needs help.  She treats everyone with gentleness and kindness and makes sure to stay out of troubles.  She gets along well with others.
Ms. Durotan - Patrick Bullshoe exemplifies respect inside the classroom and he always asks permission before doing another task. He never forgets to thank the teacher and paraprofessional before he goes back to his classroom 
Walking Program - Rylee Offee continues running without asking how many laps he has left.
P.E. - Gracelyn Carraway does a great job showing respect during P.E. even though she isn't the most comfortable in the gym, she always remembers her Texas manners and calls me sir as she's getting to know us.
Music - Jadis Scarborough is very respectful and considerate to others around her. She is eager to participate in music every day, and always tries her best.
Library - Michael Hart is always very respectful in the Library. He is well-mannered, thoughtful of others, and is a hard worker.