JH/HS PAWS Students for September

This school year, 2017-2018, we are continuing to place an emphasis on recognition of our students to help promote school pride and achievement in eight different citizenship and academic categories.
Recognizing students that contribute to a positive and productive school environment is very important to all of the staff in Shelby Schools.  The month of September was dedicated to the students who displayed the 'Best Attitude''.  A 'Best Attitude' student was selected from each content area, by their teachers, at both the high school and junior high.
The September high school students with the 'Best Attitude' are:
Ag Science - Ethan Swenke
Art - Aubrey Larson
Business Ed - Kim Riehl
English - Barrett Hanson
Math - Curtis Conant
Music - Bailey Johnson
Physical Ed - Mark Clark
Science - Kayala Peterson
Social Studies - Allyson Bleecker
The September junior high school students with the 'Best Attitude' are:
Ag Science - Harold Miller
Art - Elise Asper
English - Vivi McDermott
Math - Ryan Simpson
Music - Annaliese Hagood
Physical Ed - Jori Clary
Science - Emerson Hoover
Social Studies - Brice Lee
October will be 'Most Improved Student' and the selections will be announced to the student body on Wednesday, November 1st.
The students recognized the remainder of the school year will be in the following categories:
November - Most Courageous
December - Best Peer
January - Best Student
February - Most Grit and Perseverance
March - Citizenship Student of the Month
April - Student of the Year - encompassing all of the recognition categories